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So we are flat out of storylines for the patriots. If you guys in the audience, one of throwing our way, we're out we're out of ideas. I mean, we're out of it. Because you know, how Tedy Bruschi is gonna help break down the defense doesn't work anymore. You know, but just doesn't work anymore half, our storylines are gone but Brady still here. Get ready for that the one that I said last week though Brady legacy if he loses he's just five and four C's just a five hundred quarterback in the in the SuperBowl. Forget that it's been nine times still still loss for more than ever the franchise anything else over there. Sure about this. Anthony Davis who blew Windhorst. What is on get up this morning and said that the Knicks if the Knicks are willing to include their unprotected first round pick. They could quote put together a competitive offer that would help the pelicans do a rebuild for who for Anthony Davis. Yeah. So who's gonna play with Spike Lee? And who I mean seriously who would be left? We'll go Burg as a coach. There we go. I don't know. But went to keep the Nixon mind over the next ten be play with how do you build? It doesn't matter. If you get the best player in the NBA. There's non GMO around him. What more is coming back at some point. We wouldn't you think porzingas would have to be included metric. Don't you think? I don't know. Why would you want to seven foot? I mean, I don't. I don't know. Don't get me started. Also, I got into the gambling thing. But certain offshore books are taking bets on which players will be involved in possible Lakers. Anthony Davis trade Brandon Ingram your favorite to get traded. Is there again, I'm not allowed to do this is there, can you bet on all of this will Ingram, Lonzo ball know-how altogether. Where where the answers all of them. No action not an option. Your favorite to not get traded javale McGee. Well, I mean somebody's got to be left to close up shot. Someone's gotta be left there with him. And LeBron Ryan. Okay. Eight four four zero four rich some of want to chime in. So we've got overreaction Monday as well. When we return here on the rich Eisen show..

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