Arthur Williams, Panthers, Oakland discussed on Sean Hannity


It's the three thirty seven percent three point shooter. Twenty nine seventeen Milwaukee by twelve Abram pull up MRs route of Elaine. Just a Panthers. Fourth miss the first ten plus minutes. Dribbled off his foot. Turned it over. Second turnover by Oakland. Jake right back in for Amir Allen as the turnstile continues. To spend. In front of the Panthers bench Xavier hill. Maze. Leads for Oakland. Doris back in Panthers. Ball up twelve nine minutes to play in the half. Badge. In the corner is pinned Arthur Williams, Dr strong on bracketing dish back Abram. He'll dark really dragged the pivot foot repeat ROY Darius will look into the pay swing Arthur Williams from the left wing too strong on the three and that rebound comes to Oakland. First time tonight. The Panthers have missed consecutive shot attempts. How about that? Eight thirty five and a half still up by twelve are the Panthers is Braxton backs down, Arthur Williams, his past stolen away. It's a four on to maj driving maj. No put back. No good skill fighting. And it's taken by Oakland. Oh, gosh. Madge got hit. He's got to get back. Transition Newman's three honeycomb, Arthur Williams, the rebound Dogwood want some the run. How about this case right now? Roy transition Arthur Williams lost it and then sliding out of bounds. Can't save it. Wow. Catch my breath here. Eight oh seven to play in this first half. It's flying by Jabbar. Madge.

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