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Sport is next. Comes Dan Schwartzman, looking at Paul pod. And whether or not he might get traded this summer, damn Brian's. Interesting couple of different messages on that question. You had Red Devils boss only stating earlier today pod part of man U's future plans, but the express in England reporting that there is a possibility of a swap involving pod beheading to Real Madrid in a deal, rather, either Gareth Baylor Tony cause and that's because public policy came out showed admirations for both of us Broncos Kosan managers intervenes. Don would ask that question. Just a couple of days ago going to be interesting. What happens in that case this summer? Good news for Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dyke expected to play Friday against his old club south Anthony suffered an ankle injury in Sunday's two two one win over Tottenham reds believed injuries. Nothing. More than a bruise as Liverpool battles Manchester City for the top spot in the Premier League table arsenal. Big win the gutters. Beat Newcastle to nil at Emory stadium with the wind. They moved back into the third spot in the Premier League table two points in front of both Tottenham Manchester United while breaking a tie. With Chelsea university of Kentucky has signed head basketball coach John Calipari tall lifetime contract. Details yet to emerge. This is on the heels of UCLA's six year, forty eight million dollar offer. Try to learn the sixty year old Wildcats will be a coach extension. There's a payroll of the school ambassador when he decides to retire Kentucky was eliminated Sunday in the NCAA tournament in the elite eight round in overtime. By Auburn Red Sox shortstop Zander Bogart's agreeing to a six year one hundred and twenty million dollar contract extension that begins next season Yankees. Having a place to starters on the injured list outfielder Giancarlo Stanton third baseman to gal and do heart both placed on the list today. NBA scoreboard local teams in action at the half. Boston sixty one Miami, forty seven minutes before half-time Brooklyn trailing the walkie fifty seven or fifty at the half, the Knicks sixty four forty seven over Chicago. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update. Juliette, Dan, thanks so much. Would you pay seventeen thousand dollars for two rats? Going to have a deep dive into the market for genetically altered rats in China. And what's behind the rising.

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