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Optus pushed i would say why wouldn't you have le service at that point which chicago dulles in dallas going to buy you oh it's home to eu e screen jim's studios the largest domestic television and movie production facility outside of california but it's been since 1984 okay anyway maybe the rammed black friday is special uh drew i knew routes no no no this studio will produce extra movies on executive clark that i wanted to history oh is getting this earth from american chaib dallas pope why but doctrinal russia i feel like the majors are now scrambling were wherever is an airport were lowcost carrier to than exists they just need to add as many flights there's possible we'll go through dallas is lay trunk route for south west as neural that's a that's a slight exception but like all these others myrtle beach asheville wilmington boozman flagstaff medford i'll americans adding one weekly chicago bangor fight i don't know what that's going to do for them and united's adding two daily roundtrips between newark and delmyra here i ha i don't even know romeyer is just south of at a cake uh coin glassworks is there oh so that there is no business to be done there and it's it's one of those weird destinations that has had service off and on over the years and never consistently a number enough on back when i was living up there which i was reminded this week was saw a long time ago um there was actually a times when a us airways would fly and they do a triangle route between ithaca and being him ten aurelia and then on were duct expert at so there's there's there's some weird yet and i i'm annoyed just because in retrospect knows when i was like i was a necessary keeping track of everything at that time news but i soared into enough of what i was doing and i never actually got the true trying around in a rap a short ops on that one i always only got just if a cart pittsburgh flight or pittsburgh ithaca now.

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