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Better later and that was our. That was our key driver to Leeann really grow the move into the new organization for his long. La's we've made generating value to drive more investment into the practice and that's how we growing slowly but surely joining one pipeline. At the time. I really like that because I think we are here. In the ten year anniversary season of the devout stays is conferences. The movement has definitely been around for a while. And it's really nice when you say we are not one of those companies. Nobody would want to try to be like it's possible. Aw Signal you're actually a very reasonable uprise and I'm curious if Adrian and thinking about that they will put together the program for this where you thinking. They're you're going to be people who either are in. Attendance are watching as leader. Who worked with these sort of organizations in need to hear what can our innovation do? Do you make that decision. You're like oh we need this voice. I think part of the decision was it's. It's quite easy to find a good the story from one of these Unicorn companies because this this is a lot of great stories coming out of fossil leaving companies because moving and so trying to balance the program mm-hmm singing talk like Davies. Talk from Nedbank. I think personally for myself. I think it's really impressive. That a big enterprise that is generally known to move slowly adopted him look of the practice and so I think it's it's Disney message for everybody to hear that if it's possible Nedbank it's possible anyway if it it. devops isn't only for a certain certain small group as everyone. We've also seen a lot of adoption in many of the bank base in South Africa so I think it's it's great to have their Nedbank and being so involved in our community there sponsor they split last year and the year before food. So it's great uptick. Yeah I think at Devastates Minneapolis. We often have people from you know our local retailer or whatnot. Because it's nice to see. The uptaken devops practices from the wider industry. Not I just those of us who you know. The percentage of us here who work at tech vendors are like excellent tech vendors. This is how we do things but it's actually it was. It was refreshing declined and Dan to hear your talk because I think you brought a perspective that people don't always get tax. Love you quickly. Summarize we'll Lincoln shots but if you can quickly summarize what the focus your talk was it was a pitch right yes monitoring analytics. No it had nothing to do with that. So the folks at the talk with name of the talk rather was what enemy taught me about working in tech. It's something that's been a big part of my life. Is Computers in another thing. That's been a big part of my life is is mixed martial arts and realized not too long ago that a lot of what's important important to me in my career in terms of how I act make decisions and interact with the world around me. I learned from training and in doing martial arts and that was basically as we just the story I wanted to try to tell. Yeah I really liked that because I think that in both of your talks. Were that at those actionable takeaways takeaways of hey. The team matters and the structure in the organization and the way we set up incentives. I love how you're talking about how you'll take some of your management budget and use it to put treats at the meeting and the meeting has educational things for people to learn more about devops strategy. Yeah because I do think. It's not a tension between the personal. The organizational right. It's people are what makeup these organizations and I saw that both of your taxes accounting. So did you folks plan that as well. There's a lot of good. Planning a data is always a fun. Trying to balance between technical tokes and more cultural Normally get bogged down. 'cause tech. His name of the problem is always people I was actually. We surprised at some of the doors. Even though we thought we'd taken fix your one Cultural components which is also because I think that has more effect than an actual run the latest thing in production to be fair. I did have some demo videos and I did have an awful lot of tip of this project and this project and it's something search project they're cool and they do this and they do that but I do think that you've probably seen that. Maybe you can speak to your positions the rate of uptake or adoption of any given tool or any given open source. Project has a lot to do with the decision making of the people who are deciding whether or not to use it like they'll it could be a technically excellent tool and if there are no documentation and they haven't said anything on their requests for six months people are like I. I don't think I trust the humans. Even if they're called looks okay like I mean how experience you had Adrian in the workplace with trying to decide which opens her chosen right one for you or anything like that. I think I think you hit the nail in the head. They a tool and there's progress that have been sitting around for months and are dead quiet right and the last six months ago and there's no new releases it it definitely is a problem is the the problem is in the the code. It's the people of this community around it. It's going to happen. I mean unless you look at the code. Dan Shaking his head and I'm wondering eight thinking. Well maybe the code is Great. And you've just jump on and become the project legally thought to take decisions. Fatality of a project is an important important and interesting thing to look. I don't think it necessarily discounts whether it should be used or not. There's definitely projects and pieces of software that I've used in continue to a US that haven't had updates you know for ten years because what they were designed to do they still do properly now right so just because something hasn't been updated in in a few few funds that doesn't mean it can't be used probably a veteran a horrible security updates problem. Yeah I've read into that. We're like well guess we're pulling that out this week. That's not going to be a password. Snowy after we factor off of it this week with that's always a risk right yeah absolutely Thankfully there's more and more tooling around that that's making it easier to know and you build it into your lines or even just occasionally take a glance. CV Listen Austin and really get a feel for the horrors that our industry has wrought. I actually am curious Debbie from your point of view because obviously when tooling choices are being made at large enterprises. That have you know stay colours. Who are looking at large stacks of rand or euro or dollars Sir? Whatever I'm guessing? They're not pay with you throwing something into production. That has no one commissioner. WHO hasn't touched three years? I'm guessing like do you have standards. In general you the specifics. But how side is an open source project. Okay so we actually have principle that you can use open source We do have very tax security. And we've got to go through quite a few security checks and things like that before we put in open source before we test was to The approach that we reform worked for us was actually to take the community that uses is the to start unpacking. What are the problems that they are experiencing and then we map out the entire value stream process that they actually go who we look at one of issues that they're dealing with within within that extreme process we get team to prioritize? What our biggest issues that these are that they have to deal with and then we start looking at? What are the tools that would actually solve the problems? We then a put the two into a proof of concept really. It's an open source tool or something not may have to cash money for we. Then take the to fully who the pilot proof of concept and then we then you wait the outcomes against what we originally fun with problems that we wanted to solve way. We we actually do any time stamp measures we actually literally stop watch our developers with the times when we put the two lane after. We've gone all through learning cycle time stagnating again. And then we have reasonably scientific measures of efficiency gains and we been do like Harvey Ball.

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