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So don't believe he says. Coming up. We got more Lonnie and her other jobs. We're gonna go down the list 'cause she got a new one. He's so popular. Nighttime show. I feel like there should be. Guess who just got another check? Lonnie, tell us about your new W two. It's a new show that's gonna be on Fox. It's called the real dirty dancing. If you love the movie dirty dancing, well, this is like an homage to that movie and it's 8 celebrities. Myself, cordon bleu cat Cora, Brie Bella, Angela Johnson, Tyler Cameron, how we D and Antonio Gates and myself. And they took us up to the lodge where in the mountains of Virginia where they actually filmed dirty dancing. We learned the different dance routines. And it is a competition where in this hosted by Twitch and the thing that I love about it and the reason why I signed on is how I love that movie. And I love the fact that I've met 7 new people that are my great friends and I think people are really gonna enjoy it. It is going to be an hour special for the month of each week of the month of February. I want you to watch it. Me too. It's tomorrow. I hope there comes back after this mess to change. I'll be back. Did you get to dance on the bridge?.

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