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Well, yes and no. And just seems to me that that just because an adhesion to truth is not necessarily comfortable. American. The American sense of it is different because Americans America's still living in present Britain's living in his post as an empire. So you fail that what you're doing is right because you're living your now. Whereas Britain is living its postal the time. Yes. I mean, the point is that Great Britain was the empire certainly till the end of the nineteenth century and still continuing into the twentieth and the Americans weren't really a world power till after the first World War all this stuff about the rise to world power from eighteen seventy on is just wrong. I think that's looking backward. That's not how looked like then the point is now, of course, the Americans are now in conflict with another growing global empire. And of course it's not the United Kingdom, but it's China. So the Americans are already an empire. China is now rising. Are we going to see two centuries after the first one, an interesting sort of clash because Britain was the major financial power. During that time, the pound was as good as gold financial system you know was was didn't precisely rule the world all. Sorts of things. The Americans have now, you know, and and no empire thinks it's going to end. The Americans don't think it's going to end. Well, guess what. Can I ask you about that point? Because it's interesting if you look at the the the, the current incumbent in the White House, for example, a man who as far as are wild guesses probably only have read books about himself. When imagines would he be amongst those many frontline politicians? He seemed to display a worrying lack of understanding of the nuance of history or just knowledge of it who'd be well served in reading like this, particularly if it might then inform the decision making this, you know, the relationship with China or how to do diplomacy that has an enduring benefit for the people whom you represent, maybe a little too much to hope. But there is a trend isn't seems to be a trend of a lack of historical perspective from any of the frontline politicians, which alarming it's not just the frontline politicians. The problem with the American State Department, is that well, not that not the, the drowns at the bottom would be such as me, for example, but all those who are political appointees, there's no institutional history. So when you have Nixon and Kissinger thinking, what really is difficulty in the Middle East is communism and the extension by the Soviet Union that is just so terminally stupid. It's hard to believe that Kissinger really believe this, and that does worry me. I must say. Interestingly, when my last one old real new world was published because said, Burke does war well and so forth. One of the reviewers in the time said that this book should be on on the desk of of of in ten Downing Street on the foreign office. But it does show how America spent century and a half trying to destroy the British empire. And then when it was destroyed, mighty all of a sudden they wished it were there. So it book ends with the droll of the British from east of Suez Singapore and Aidan and so forth, and the Americans incandescent with rage because they're, they are stuck out. Vietnam all by themselves. They no longer have British territory. One of the. Nineteen fifty seven. The head of first head of the CIA covert operations told the British Foreign office official who happened to become Philby and fact that whenever we wanted to stabilize the country Britain has an island nearby. Well, they lost access to all these islands except Yorio. Yeah, go Garcia. So yes, the Americans didn't like the British empire until it wasn't there anymore. Thank you very much. Show talking through the lion and the ego. Congratulations on the on as well. Thank you very much, many. Thanks. Thank you lane and Kathleen bugs that new book the lion and the eagle, the interactions of the British and American empires. Seventeen eighty three to nineteen seventy-two is out. Now you're listening to the more quickly..

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