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I think a lot of people see megan. Thee stallion doja cat phoebe. Bridges has a ton of the industry could achieve a wind. Could these smoke. Who was a shocking nomination. Somehow pull it off. Like i think there will be at least one like whoa moment when it comes to the big four. I had forgotten. That noah cyrus was nominated for best of artists implied. Just rut was reading an article today. And while i love her. She's not super new to many of us But also i feel like you know the grammy's love like a you know a family story as well so noah's interesting in that front like they've known her dad and her sister for so long that she's got a lot of name recognition. Billy ray cyrus end noah cyrus both now best new artist nominees miley not. Not so much. that's weird. also. Whitney houston was nominated for best new artist back in the eighties off the technicality because she had released a duet with someone the previous year in that rendered her ineligible for best new artist. So as we as category grammy's are weird weird. Things happen every year at the grammy awards. And that's the only thing you can count on at the grammys. We've things they expect the unexpected. Well jason thank you so much for joining us as always and we will all collectively the listeners and us look forward to seeing what the grammy's look like on sunday. Yeah thank you guys for having me back in the pop shop at i i wish i was there with you. Guys in la. But i will be there in spirit and then there's always twenty twenty two twenty. Twenty two grammys. Even if you were here with us you would still be with us in spirit because we can't get together. Hey hey on the stand. And now it's time for our interview with harry connick junior. We asked the three time winner and fifteen time. Grammy nominee to be our special guests for the grammy preview episode so we could talk all about his grammy history whether or not he still gets excited on nominations day and kind of thinking back to his previous experiences at the grammys in the past and it was perfect. Timing as well because he has a brand new album coming out on march nineteenth. It's his first faith-based album. It's called alone with my faith. So keith. And i talked all about how he put that one together completely during the pandemic and literally did everything but mix and master it himself. So we're talking harmonies and instruments and arrangements and of course singing and piano all done by the man himself. So here's our interview with harry connick junior.

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