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It's like he's not even getting his feet set. Honestly, I never played the quarterback position. But you look at his mechanics when he gets outside of the pocket. And when even when he's in the pocket, there's nothing like Tom house the quarterback guru. They're talking about it last night. How Tom keeps his his arm and titan stuff Mahomes is like like like playing shortstop throwing people out at first base. It's it's it's it's so much fun to watch. Maybe that's why it's why we're so excited to watch him play. Okay. Here the nine teams I said, I think there's nine teams I've seen five in the AFC and four in the NFC that I believe look like they're capable of getting to the playoffs winning multiple games and getting the super Bolton. So I've got nine of those. Teams. And then there's two other teams Carolina in Green Bay. I just need to see more. So the nine teams are patriots chiefs. Rams eagles sealer. Saints ravens chargers. Vikings Panthers Packers. I need to see more. Yeah. And then there's four teams bear Seahawks. Bengals falcons, they can be any of those teams. But I don't see him winning three or four straight against delete playoff teams. Yeah. Does anything jump out on that list that you buy you don't buy like Green Bay place tonight? Yeah. I wanna see him go to the Rams in New England later early November. Would you expect Green Bay it? Do you have them? I when I watched them play sound down. I don't see the pass rush. I don't see the power running game. I don't see enough dynamic guys. I just see Aaron the super creative dude without much creativity around. My is tell me. Yeah. I would think that between Mike McCarthy in Aaron Rodgers that they could get that fixed. Don't don't you think from an offensive standpoint. Air rods. We talk about him. He's the best quarterback in in the world. Right. So he should be able to figure out but the the Panthers that that team played pretty well yesterday. I thought he played well I thought with the addition of Greg Olsen coming back to go. They need to run the football though, that listen we will. We know what Cam is a little like Dak like, listen, I wanna see Cameron and and his running backs run. And then throw at twenty four times a game. That's the recipe for Cam to win. That's fine. Yeah. There's nothing wrong with that that that's what his recipes, by the way before we go on a staff with this down. Okay. Travis Kelsey gronk, which one are you more like? The best tight end in football today. That can't be argued Travis Kelsey gronk, which one did you play. Like, you know, it's funny. There's like to you in Kansas City. It felt like you got you were big. Yeah. And then in Atlanta the last few years, it's like you trimmed down a did on purpose though. Okay. Why you look you're like to sixty in Kansas City. Yeah. That big. But yeah, I was in my fifties for awhile. So who of the two which do you like and prefer, which do you play more? Like, honestly, I'm kind of a little bit of both. The the only thing that I love Travis Kelsey. I think with him with the ball in his hands after he catches the ball. Good. God. He's better than me. He was better me. But I think with the route running and catching I think I hold my own there. And with gronk what he's better than me. At is the blocking he's he can block the big old guy. Yeah. Travis Kelsey does not want to block Travis is Jimmy Graham Graham. Yeah. Did you like the block we had no toys back then when I played tight in you better. And I did I I actually did not in my because I don't wanna come off the field. I played goal line. I played short yardage. I was at the point of attack. We were on we weren't running away from me. You a blocker put on the the first even in Atlanta. I tried to get off the field. I was like can you put can you bring a big tight in in here. So I can just run routes. I mean, I'm I'm thirty. I'm forty five years old. Let me let me I just want to come out here catch balls. Can you bring that big blocking tight in? And sometimes that big blocking tight and couldn't do it. So they will you keep it out there. You know, we need you out there blocking is about desire. First of all do you want to do? It's not about can you do it. It's it's will you do it. You know? And a lot of those big tight ends two hundred fifty pound Jimmy grand two hundred two hundred fifty pound Travis Kelsey, not a knock against them block. But they don't want about because it's it's hard. It hurts. Really is not fun. Hurts that hurts your hands. It hurts your hands. It it it. I've had Ed Cunningham played in the NFL. He's a documentary filmmaker one time, and he's when he got out of the league goes it just hurts. He goes your hands cold weather. He's like I played in Arizona. He's like it's just he goes you plan thirty two degrees. And you grab linemen like your hands are sore all week. Charles barkley. We talk about the first flight tells me he was he if he wanted to play football. He would have been the best hiding never what he says he went out for football. And the first day toughest Charles Barkley is. He was like man, you can have this football these he went out to one practice. Coach said, hey you coming back. He's like hell nine coming back. Go play basketball because football hurts everybody. I'm sure people because six times more practice than playing in football to the only sport where you practice six times more than you play football practice is not fun now it's hard in it, smells, and it's repetitive. Basketball practice, by the way is great baseball practices. Batting practice and Enfield practices. Great. Tony gonzales. Good stuff. Thank you. F? B I is warning people right now. 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