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Wait a minute all. All of you thought that. Hairy Yeah, it's to Keating. It is pronounced it well, it's a fine keep. This looks like how to Keady. I. Thought you guys were absolutely no. Bid No, I, thought I thought you were like mistaken how Harry Carey? That's who I thought. You were talking about. Definition of Harry Carey I. Believe I pronounced that correctly Weller I've spelled H. E. R. A. I R. I. Like Asian or go to dictionary dot com or the key Asian. Let's see. Let's see. Let's do this. Let's have the payoff to segment B whatever it is that pronunciation dot com says is the correct way to pronounce in English Harry Carey I'd also like the definition for the audience I can't believe I carry Sarah Carey. Harakiri. It's harakiri album. Harakiri. Harakiri. HARAKIRI USE IT Harry. Harry. You. Think I'm. Not Harry Curie I mean Harry Carey. I'm telling you that audience right now is siding with me on this. The audience that knows what Harry Carey is that they carry the audience the doesn't know. What sides with you guys he's not saying Harry Carey. Though HARAKIRI. Eric Berry. But if it's if I said you what is a broadcaster that this sounds most like come on? We're Dan. Fair I was talking. To be most fair, I was talking about depression and suicide, and they used to sit important.

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