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I i think it's fair you know i think that sometimes 'em obviously i think it there may be times it was over the top with the a hatred all that stuff but i also think there is something i mean there sometimes people have to call you under shit right it's fair and i think that if you're not able to sit there and look at yourself and really kind of take inventory of what you've been doing and what you might need a change and things like that 'em so i do think i'm a different person firm that back then i don't know if it was all because of that but i do think the played a partner for sure 'em but i'm always trying to grow i mean i'm still gonna i'm a guarantee i make more mistakes going forward but where's this year of like very were after your best friend's friend group that's like hey we're gonna call you out on his share the people that say hey brock listener teeth right now that exactly no but i you we were probably a little too harsh you the great part about that whole interaction how ended is it you also proved that a as soon as we i think we walked away being like don't meet the guys each row in line because you find out they're great like you actually are great guy and it was fun to meet you and be like oh shit maybe we should like brings in any also going forward i think helped us with future guests being like oh if you come on it kind of takes air out of joke and it just makes it a relationship right you know what i mean it goes from this like adversarial things like hey we're just friends now yeah did you hate a hard knocks yeah but you actually are it also came at a time that was pj yeah it was out age is one of those things where you look back and you're like shit man if i did that today with laughter yeah 'em i'm happy that you did it so yeah i ever ever yeah yeah i mean it is just it is such there around twenty four seven yeah i mean so like i don't care how normal you say you're gonna act i don't care how like every single time you turn around and you see a camera and microphone you know but you cannot physically act completely normal the time right heart 'em we have it here i mean we we get film of all time and it does there's many times where it's like this sucks right because yeah yeah so i mean no but i i look back at that and there's definitely some things where i'm like dude i mean come on the tire flip through good i like the tires plus minus your support minor 'em it comes on every now and then but no i i wouldn't say it's in the regular rotation okay what's his bottom line when it comes on i think if you guys every single i mean it's so good so good yeah do you think you're ever gonna get cut its its policy on a means no no i mean it just popped in my head it's a business that fortunately interview where we were just you know i like question i like that it's definitely possible speaking getting cut how come you haven't trained with knives like aaron donald among the questions it's scary yeah yeah it is wildly dangerous yeah yeah she told us they're affect us bullshit how many more years you think you mean like that like how come how like you could you imagine could you imagine if i did that for years ago oh we asked you this i mean it would be okay my jj knives they're actually like cause yeah thousands of murders a year yeah like every every now and then like on my instagram explore page i'll see something whether it's through nine athlete and i'll be like if i did the dolphin fourteen two thousand fifteen yes i would say yeah no doubt but i think.

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