Reporter, Constantinopolitan, President Trump discussed on Stephanie Miller


Where facts matter reporter one of our some data on the lead Francis president trump says he wants to reopen the country for business in weeks not months contradicting the advice of health professionals are Constantinopolitan seems to be a matter of dollars versus potential deaths with the president devoting most of his time with the media talking about opening the country up to look at automobile accidents which are far greater than any numbers we're talking about that doesn't mean we're going to tell everybody no more driving of cars the president also mentioned thousands of Americans who die from flu every year and so with a difference to hot spots Mr trump wants economic activity back to normal soon I'm not looking as much as I can tell you right now could be opening up our country and will be watching certain areas there was relatively little talk of treatments and medical needs around the nation Bob Costantini Washington South Africa set to enforce a three week walk down over coronavirus the president's or run poses at the twenty one one twenty one day lockdown will begin Thursday I'm only at Francis many have been troubled by images of groups or people gathering at Goring the Hyde vice of health professionals a Tuesday's White House briefing Dr Deborah breaks the administration's virus response coordinator said social distancing in New York is a specially imported at high throughput lab investigations were finding that twenty eight percent of the submitted specimens are positive from that area where it's less than eight percent in the rest of the country so to all of my friends and colleagues in New York this is the group that needs to absolutely social distance and self isolate at this time clearly the virus had been circulating there for a number of weeks to have this level of penetrance into the general community health commission for China to bay province reports and remove all travel restrictions in and out of the province on March twenty fifth with the exception of the city of Wuhan.

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