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Okay. Here's this is the segment if you're needless no post from the awesome Facebook group, we mentioned earlier jock indignation shutout. I'm gonna start with something. I posted regarding to our last episode where we reviewed the Bander snatch blackmailer beaned or snatch. Guess what? Netflix picked the wrong path mate because they're getting sued by the shoes adventure book publisher hid for this concept. This is kind of an interesting story. The company is called choose co LLC Vermont based publisher of the book series alleges the definitely the liberty exploited. The brand awareness of its book series to launch the show. The choosier adventure books, obviously popular in the eighties, nineties soul two hundred and sixty five million copies. According to the suit which seeks at least twenty five million dollars. Dollars. Damages. Here's what's interesting net. Flicks was in negotiations with chooser adventure for the trademark for the last couple of years. Obviously, you've got imagine they wanted to do this. They're like, we should probably talk these people. There was no deal, and they went ahead into anyways. That may be an issue. The other interesting to note Twentieth Century, Fox recently optioned, the rights to develop an interactive movie for the theaters from choose your adventure. And now this year, those rights will be owned by Disney for the theater feet. Everybody's averaged out they know they were they bought the rights to do a movie a theatrical movie. It's I'm saying like everybody would be voting and then. Maybe I guess you can have a little pad. Yeah. I don't know how you would do that in a fucking movie theater. Yeah. But they also they cite that the show the the film's violent and disturbing, and it's it's muddying their brand which is inappropriate for their young adult readers. You'll get that money. Well again, Joe Henry commented. I thought this is interesting. This will probably not go to trial. They're just suing for money to make the lawsuit. Go away. If Netflix takes to court, they will most likely win beating choose choose co. So yeah, the twenty five million is probably just to settle this. And I don't know if this hurts planes for eighty these. They just went ahead and did it anyway gamble gamble. Maybe nobody will. But can you really like that's patented like the concept you can own the rights. Right. You know it. It seems weird. It just seems like an open concept. I'm more. I mean, this is kind of funny, but the movie theater, how the fuck would you? Choose your own adventure. Hey, how would you make an emoji movie? Right. They did that. I don't know possible. That's not the same have to have like an app on the phone. We need to like it would need to be even more next level than forty x. Yes. Oh my God. It would be like virtual you interact with your like, and how do you come to a consensus vote? The that's what rug said you'd average that imagine like a VR using the Oculus of VR. Choose your own adventure movie. Like, you're in it. Yes. In a space where you can kind of move around and shit. That'd be fucking cool. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Moving on more episode. More comments from our last episode. A lot of comments said say just great, Chris Maron rights are our latest podcast elastic music from the captain marvel trailer.

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