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George with why are we talking about george shultz charles schultz what are l you know why because my number three was created by george harriman and it was crazy cat which i'm guessing well might be on your list which was another long running one 1913 and 1944 thirty one years we did a whole episode on crazy cat as well and the only reason that was that longrunning is because uh women of hurst liked it yeah but that's when it was awesome all the way through things william randolph hearst ever did um that and inspire citizen kane and then suppresses uh yeah crazy cat ignites the brick offers the pop yeah officer pup uh have we've done a whole episode on we don't need to see a lot more uh except almost nothing from that era holds up comic strip wise well i a big big they're not fair addeds they're so different it's it's hard to see what they are 'cause there are these long summomed of them don't hold up where there are these other this ethnic humor that's yes more of what were the slightly racist but there's other other things that are just like these long soap operas in like work krizek efforst appeared where there are these people people living in apartments this talking about their lives is really weird yeah via which was his cutting super holds up the even like carried on uh into the 80s and probably now um but like they weren't as long but like stuff like mary worth or whatever were they were just like dramatic soap opera ish via morale yeah yeah nobody nobody like those won't the the new thing about allow the ones from crazy cat era where do they had so much space to fill in the paper they have become good art and i mean not that great arkia mark trail and uh mary worth i can.

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