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Oh helen mirren what's like would you i would love to preview that season of the bachelor that'd be credible we would take for us to recap that you'd have to pay for free honestly i would do that for sure it would be a delight okay next item jamie so with westworld back this past sunday in handmaid's tale coming back it's an interesting time to consider the state of prestige tv so please advise are we still in the golden age of tv or do you think we're in the kind of overly saturated age of tv i do think we're in the overly saturated age of tv which to be honest is it bad that there's so much good tv probably not like you're gonna again bond something that works for you what becomes hard and very difficult for people like us who love tv and want to watch all the tv we literally can't like an an critics who have always depended on because i know some people listening to ask why depend on you to tell me what to watch linking time gonna know well the same way i depend on wall to tell me what to watch and he just comes out and goes yeah i can't there's no way i can all the tv so he's missing things that are great but i don't know it but see the key is to i know when you're watching tv shows here you're pro tips the first of all you're usually watching cable right you're not gonna find prestige shows on the cw that sign sure they've got their place right or cbs for that matter to you you're going to have a famous actor or a famous show runner okay we'll be involved with the project there is a depressing undercurrent of some kind even in a comedy there's some like oh he's it's depressing and sad but he's also taking an acting class and it's bill hader this is complicated i like that right but then most importantly there are but or breast and on the best prestige shows but an breast sometime right if they're film of crazy little throw a little pain in there now it's very disturbing for that went on there.

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