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Tampa Bay times entertainment and events reporter Sharon win. Plus, we're going to have one of the reporters from the Tampa Bay times who broke the story about the issues at Johns Hopkins all children's heart institute, they're gonna join us to run through the latest on that just incredible and tragic story. So we're gonna have that as well. And of course, we'll have an update on the border security Bill. That's being finalized in congress. Lots to talk about there in a moment. We're going to talk to congressman Charlie Chris twos. Involved in an issue. I've talked a lot about on this show robocalls. We have some new numbers. We haven't talked about this in a while. But it hasn't gone away. Twenty six point three billion robo calls were made in the US last year. Twenty six point three billion. That's forty percent more than the previous year. It's getting worse and worse and worse. There was a different study. That showed fifty percent of all calls this year in two thousand nineteen. We'll be spam calls fifty percents in January. There was a new all time. High for robocalls, five point two billion nationwide. Just in January. Health insurance scams interest rates scams and student loan scams. Are the most common types of robocalls in Tampa? The robocalls measured up to about eighteen robo calls per second. That's here in Tampa. The situation is completely out of control. Now, there are some apps and some tools that you can use to scale this back. There's robo killer. It's a paid Abbott blocks the call and it make sure you never even receive it. So your phone won't even ring. And then keeps the caller on the other line on for forty five minutes. So it really messes with the scammers again that's robo killer. That's the app their star seventy seven you can use this method on your land line. It'll block any anonymous callers some cell phone carriers have some new services and new apps that you can just download for free on your phone that'll help. No MO robo that's ano- ammo robo is another robocall blocker. True. Caller will let you know who's calling. Block the call blocks the same number from calling you again. But if you're like me, and you get these robo calls all of the time, you know, they keep like the area code, and maybe the first three numbers are different. But the last four different. So the area code in the first three numbers they can be the same in the last four different every time. They call back very frustrating. And then of course, if you're not registered with the do not call list, that's something you you need to do. It will help a little bit. So robocalls, continue to increase continue to bother the hell of everybody here in America. We're reaching record numbers every single year. It's getting worse and worse and worse. And I got wind of the fact that our congressman from here in the area is working on something to the could potentially maybe help alleviate this. And even if it just does it a little bit that'll be helpful. So joining me now on the hotline representing Florida's thirteenth congressional district. Congressman Charlie Christie can find on Twitter at rep Charlie. Chris congressman, how's it going? It's going. Well, it's going well how about yourself? Good. Thank you so much for joining us. So I know you're part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who want to form a special task force to combat robo calls. This is a passion of mine on this shell because it's just completely out of control. Tell us a little bit about the work that you're doing what you guys are trying to accomplish here. Well, what we're trying to accomplish his is cut down this ridiculous number of robo calls. That are made. I mean, you know, I don't have a landline anymore, but my parents do and every evening around six o'clock or so they get like two or three of these calls continuously like every day, and it's horribly annoying. And so the idea that we put together. His department of Justice along with the attorney general's office to set up a task force to advise on how we can get rid of these calls. There were like twenty nine billion of those calls made last year in America. It's just an outrage, and it's annoying. Is part of the problem. Just that our laws and regulations aren't keeping up with technology. I think that's a big part of it. But that's the purpose of the task force to really study it and make sure we know the proper steps what actually bring this kind of thing to a conclusion. And so once they've had the opportunity to do that. And to undertake that study, then we'll know for sure our telecom companies and big tech being helpful in addressing this issue. Have you talked to them received any pushback we have not received any pushback yet. We just introduced it recently. So, you know, we'll we'll see time will tell you won't be a problem is this an issue that you think is going to gain some traction, and congress this, obviously, this is a bipartisan group lawmakers working on it. But is this something that you think you can get brought support on? I do I do, you know, people talk about it all the time it it bothers all of our constituents when you have an issue like that. But as nonpartisan. Yeah. Nonpartisan. Then I think you have a real clear path to have a great chance to get something positive done. Yeah. I mean, it's not one of the more pressing problems the is facing. But it's one that pretty much everybody can relate to its an annoyance. And if there's something that can be done about it, even better and one of my concerns, and I'm curious to get your thoughts on this is that as the technology gets better, scammers are going to have new tools to help them trick people into making some really bad decisions that could be very harmful to them financially personally, a variety of different ways or Ryan, you're right. And and and that's what we want to protect people from you know, you shouldn't have to worry about that kind of thing, and, you know, protected from people calling bother you at home or on your cell phone. You know, in a way, which is happening too, far too, many Americans we have to stop it. We're talking to congressman Charlie Crist here on PM Tampa Bay real quick the border security negotiations from from what you've seen so far where. Does this all stand and worry you at on the compromise Bill? It's being put together. I think we're in a good place. I really do. We got responded this afternoon. I think that look everybody's not happy about it or overjoyed, I should say probably about it. But that's the compromise. I mean, you know, you have to be willing to give and take. And that's why we have great appropriation committee negotiators as part of this conference committee, Republican democrat house and Senate. So I think we're in a place where people can agree on this. We're supposed to vote on it in the house tomorrow evening. I think it's going to be a very strong positive vote. And I think we'll avoid a shutdown most important so based on all the details that we have up to this point. You are a yes. Vote on this compromise Bill. Yes, I am. I think it's the right thing to do. Congressman Charlie Crist representing Florida's thirteenth congressional district. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it. Right. Thanks for your time. I appreciate you look going back to the robocalls issue. Like, I said with the congressman is this the most pressing issue in American, no. But it doesn't mean it's one that shouldn't be addressed. It is an annoyance. And in some cases, it's a lot more than that. Because these scammers are screwing people big time. So there's something that's our lawmakers and the telecom companies and big tech can do to start to fix this problem, which has only been getting worse. Then I think that's something they need to do. And just the fact that again, it's really not a partisan issue. There's partisan support for this. Initiative. The congressman Christie's part of and you know, we've taken calls on robocalls before on this show, and doesn't matter if you're democrat Republican pretty much everybody's annoyed by them and would like to see them. Stop. So this is one of those issues where you think everybody can kind of come together and try and find a solution. Eight hundred nine six nine ninety three fifty to let me go to Klay in lithium Klay. How are you? Hello, Mr. ROY is I just caught the briefing of your robocalls. I've been struggling for years and years and years, I got to the point where you know, four AM com or.

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