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I can talk to the folks at G. T. juster rude rom curious about your opinion if I go out not get one near my house might still long yeah Mike saw you hung up on Mike not was there all right anything else they might no I thought you were talking to him does talking to you all right and you thank you Mike if I get one gun just just because I don't have any guns in the house right now we talked about that what would you recommend as the obviously skivvies for self protection what do you recommend I don't I'm not what you get when you but you have a lot of guns are saying comes minus a shot gun for your home maybe a hand gun any particular one now one and one that you like one if it's your hand I shot something maybe something from Fisher price I don't know I don't know what you're into a derringer what are you comfortable with I shot something called the the governor one time yeah that's issues for ten I think has four shells and it's it's like a revolver right yeah for ten shotgun shells in it it was pretty extraordinary yeah that's a good guy that you go home defense gone the governor I just like that the sound of it yeah because if someone did break into my home I would say say hello to the governor mmhm edit I would I would say that well you know what nobody believes that yeah what do you use a squeal like a little girl and scream for your wife however I said it now would said Daniel good morning good morning hi I wanted to talk about the homeless issue and say that I might I think the the city council basically is kind of cooking the books you know Enron win under record they had accounting faulty accounting practices and free or hiding the problem that was essentially not there so often by not writing all these citations and putting in writing what the criminal activity is going on it doesn't happen the one other individual that do not even often that live lord wherever they look at Austin and you go on Google when you go like wow there's there's not a whole lot of crime in Austin don't you know we know about it because we live here but other people they rely on statistics and if there's no well criminal activity on paper yeah well in a sense it doesn't happen so the books are being cooked Watson I think you're on the one aspect there that's that is correct people's impression of Austin outside of Austin it in fact I got a message from a from a family member in Michigan talking about how great of a city we are because we're tackling and signin being successful in solving our homeless crisis good lord Hey what do you guys doing done are so what you're doing it's beautiful it's wonderful good job we wish we could do that here Watson I said what are you talking about and they had just seen on Facebook a video of mobile loaves and fishes near Austin and and and from a distance in Michigan they thought it was a city thing they thought Austin was very progressive in helping the homeless into reality issue my my aunt was just wrong it's that's not the case at all no it's the social media and Daniel try to give a false impression of goodness in another part of the country the mobile of the fish is doing a great thing yeah and there's a model there yes that is working very very well but it's it's it's pretty much isolated to that yeah and if we have the city involved.

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