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In the background, Let's keep it's keeping people up at night. In the infection's exploding. Disturbing recent jump in cases, maybe because of the presence of the more contagious variants. Instead of spreading the virus to one or two people. One person can now infect four or five people in once exponentially, increasing the number of cases. I'm just I'm reading from a cliff in the newspaper. The recent increase in cases may also be fueled by a growing complacency about the threat of covert 19. You mean they're not buying the history of its being? Traveled here, the hysterical fearmongering. Reporters should go to work for Charlie Bacon. All right. I want to really take some calls. I just want to tell you one story yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Ronald Reagan being shot by David Hinckley and I was in Boston City Hall at the time. I still remember it and I was, you know, obviously. Very, very worried about the president had voted for him in the previous election, but there was something else that was bothering me that day. You wouldn't see was supposed to be playing Indiana that night in the national championship basketball game. Was wondered if they were going toe postpone the game and there was another way were up in the press room. There was a guy from the global was also you and see guy were big you and sea fans and both of a slut. Dean Smith and the heels had Indiana and Bobby Knights number Why did we get a wrong number? Reagan got shot, and Carolina got smoked by Indiana that night. But anyway, there was a great story in the Washington Post about the day it happened today. But believe it or not, The Washington Post. The agent who probably saved the Ronald Reagan's life was a guy named Jerry Parr, and he was one of pushed him into the car after the shooting. Reagan apparently didn't even know he was shot or just thought he was having trouble breathing, and he wasn't bleeding from a wound, but so they were going to drive him back to the White House. But anyway, this guy Jerry Parr, It was nine years old in 1939 and his father took him to the movies. And you know what the movie they saw was code of the Secret Service. And do you know who the star of the movie code of the Secret Service was? It was a Warner Brothers B movie. Ronald Reagan as agent brass, Bancroft. Brass, Bancroft. My nine year old imagination took off par, wrote later. This the guy who saved Reagan's life at that moment, part dreams of becoming a Secret service agent protecting presidents from bad guys. He grew up to become become a secret service agent. Reagan grew up to become president of the United States. The star of that move that That screen, Jim Code of the Secret Service as soon as part heard the shots that day 40 years ago. In one day, he grabbed Reagan by his belt and pants and threw him under the floor of the armored limo, ordering the driver to return to the crown. Code name for the White House. Nobody realized Reagan had been wounded. Part noticed. After checking Reagan for see if blood was coming out. He noticed he was pale and grimacing. Is it? Your heart? Par? Asked. I don't think so, The president replied. I think you broke my rib, throwing me into the car Reagan and wiped his lips with a napkin. Blood oozed out. I must have cut the inside of my mouth, Reagan said. And then that's when they decided to go to George Washington Hospital. Bullet was lodged in his lung. And, you know, you know that. You know the stories about when Reagan when Nancy Reagan got to the hospital. Reagan said, Honey, I forgot to duck. Then when they wheeled him in if he was a tough guy tougher than tougher than he sounded, you know he wasn't a fake. Tough guy was a real tough guy. And when they wheeled him in on the surgeons were there to operate on him, he said. I hope these guys are Republicans and one of the doctors, a lifelong Democrat, replied, Mr President. Today we're all Republicans. And so par. The guy who saw the movie code of the Secret Service. We visited Reagan in the hospital, and he said, Do you know what you were an agent of your own destiny? He asked the president. Reagan didn't know what What is his Secret Service agent was talking about part told him about seeing code of the secret Service is a boy and how it inspired him to become a secret service agent. The president smiled. It was, he said, one of the cheapest films I ever made. E. I love that story. 844 540 to 40 to work. You know, we think of one of Rose's making a lot of great movies, but they made a lot of real stinkers. There's a story about Bob Bob Hope once went to see he he worked for Warner Brothers, too. He went to see one of his own movies. And, uh and he said it was so bad. I thought of asking Jack Warner from my money back. 844 542 42, Joe, You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Joe. Charlie, How are you today? Good. But it's always good to have you wanted embarrassment. AOC is what an embarrassment. No, she she doesn't even realize she's dump on her on her own president, the guy who's endorsed her green new deal when she talks about Serge, She's a fool. Is we don't even need to talk about that, anyway, apart this event, and I was just thinking and I know you're a student of history. How we reminding me the later days of the Roman Empire where they were overwhelmed. On all that They want control of their borders. That as much as any reason is why won't felt they want.

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