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A broken this and you that i'm not gonna fix by till you pay put that halfback in any rely on karma i actually thought about writing her a note uh boy andreas writing like not cool and giving it to the way and saying here and they'll way interests in this war we let me what am i supposed to do she at her establishment i mean the turk place of business if she can't pass notes for you though she can guys in girls due to each other all the time yeah but no one your accusing someone of a crime i but all i'm saying is not cool this ice this feels like area sad crime movie there were watching in the waitress i la did i say i am i in the middle of it and at the end of this the waitress waitresses dead your fine the other woman has her hat in the waitresses okay yeah all right well well you took it to a new really took it agree throughout the on the happy monday everybody thanks for that we're going to put someone in time out when we come back not just that lady who stole that hat we've got another lady that were putting a timeout for jumping to conclusions about how good a gift may or may not be in for the rest of her life her hobbies going to have one honor or explain that's coming up next on my talk want us over one everything entertainment loriann julia we haven't heard her eyes so this is her new tract i need you and oh no neil young journeys this kind of funny looks but it could be catch jacobs a year later playing in found her and her son while you're being very very generous swirl that's because that's where i am that well thank you a lorry and julia with.

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