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You know like there was there was a wink and a nod versus Priyanka it was like, okay. Oh, it's made of hair. Okay like quoth vusaggio still underwhelmed you know. There wasn't much I. Mean it was it was a cool look and I didn't get a huge impact from it like I did from Boas and I thought it was interesting when she. Reference this twice Brooklyn was like our bitch stole my look. I'm like you're wearing the same colors, right? Right. That's it. Yeah. I I. Know It felt like there's nothing else. That's all you got Brooke. Really honestly, and then he obviously in the legendary words of Rupaul I don't know who she is but if it snows who's she's going on my tires or whatever. She says I yeah Brooke Okay. Thank you but Prianti Prankul is great absolutely I agree and it should have gone about that the impact of her look I thought was so much bigger in a similar way JIMBO's had a really Powerful book it was like Oh my God that. took the challenge and dragged it up and I think that's what stood out to me was some queens came out with a cool look and an. Bigwig some Queens came out and looks made of hair and then someone like boa or Jimbo is like, okay. Got The note I'm going to do this and what about What about this at this? What about this and? And I think that that's like that's always going to jump out to me and I think that's why Bo is doing well is because she's She she's just she's her approach is clearly different her and Jimbo. Their approaches are clearly different and somewhat elevated so far from the other Queens yeah and I i. have to say I was super impressed this week with Alona I mean that. Yeah. Holy Fuck yeah well alone in the main challenge I think would also be me. Yeah. But yeah, the look was great. I mean the alone story I was thinking about like that feeling of being picked last and there was just this very specific emotional state when they were all in a group together and she was like. Inner feelings the beginning I was like, Oh, boy. So many of us hey, know exactly what this feels like and you're just can't cry and in front of these people just can't cry in front of these people but like I. All I can think about is how no one picked me and. I just I really do feel for a Lona as a kind of underdog I. think she does Kinda give me the same feeling. I had about like a door in season six or it was like, Oh poor kid you know. Where I wanNA, see her prevail. See Her overcome whatever challenges the you know she's up against each challenge. You know like I I'm rooting for her and I didn't expect to. But I think she actually is really won me over in the reality TV side of things. Oh, I've notting you can't see me but I'm nodding profusely right now. For, Sure I. Judged her very quickly because she came out of the gate being like I'm just at that and it's just like, okay. And none of that has proven to we haven't seen any of that since I don't read her as a bitch at all I. Think, she's a really good egg. INSTAGRAM is absolutely gorgeous. Is it? Yeah it's Oh my God those looks. But I yeah, a alone is one that I don't what's going to happen to her I will say next week I feel like Boa might struggle or alone might struggle because it's a sign challenge. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you would think that alona wouldn't. So maybe she won't. But I wonder if that's kind of where the story is going, we'll see. Yeah I mean I know that I I remember from the first week that scarlet Bobo is not much of a designer and so I wonder if the fact that she's getting kind of surprisingly highlighted, this episode is really a setup for next week. Interesting Yeah. I I was surprised that she got highlighted this episode. Yeah. I I'm both the competition and the reality TV side of things she was kind of getting a subplot and. I've got to be honest I'm a little I'm intrigued by scarlet Bobo there's something I actually kind of enjoyed her in the challenge. I thought a runway was like well as long as you keep moving. No one's GonNa notice basic is. But. The moment you stop, it's just like you and I know mayor neck and neck or by a hair you know I. Felt yeah if you will. A real tough decision. But I I don't know there's something about her energy that I am intrigued by I think. Scarlet. Bobo. Out of drag has such strong facial features that it really kind of works in drag because you already has big lips and big is in a big nosed. Once you paint all that like it all just gets amplified. It's like I know that we're not supposed to queens whatever we're going to save space. Mary's IT's okay. We see them for individuals but. I do get this Leyla McQueen meets Dolly a black meets Trinity Taylor from scarlet. Yes I can see all of that. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely see it like that energy. Certainly I think I love when someone gives me a similar energy as Layla McQueen that's when I always wanted to see more of. Yeah. Yeah. So hopefully, scarlet will kind of. Grow on me a little bit. I will say that I was certainly on. Bowen was side in this little workroom. Setting up only because let me tell you if the editors did not include this, I probably would be on team scarlet but they did show scarlet saying to Boa Boa being like Oh my God I can't believe that you know. Brooklyn thought I was attractive and then scarlets till you took your course off. Yeah who's like yeah. Yeah. Well, that's interesting. Right because we don't see her complaint is every time she goes to Boa Boa is like means to her and like us for target practice but then the only example were shown is the opposite. That's interesting Because normally like I'll side with the Queen's like just be nice to me. Okay. Yeah But when we don't see any examples of that, we only see the opposite it's like, okay. What are you telling us? Yeah I mean I know yeah right. Right. So it's odd and I'm sure that there's validity in scarlet is saying but. It's like girl you're it sounds like you're throwing it right back at her. So maybe you're you're used to that banter and I'm you know they cleared out the air I will say there was the the bread crumb of Boa in the confessional being like I, just wanted to shut her up in all. Right sorry. So who knows if that's GonNa Continue I will say this moment. was. Served by Jimbo yet again, coming into the Mary. Phrase, as the Pizza Queen. True. Two instances right. I'll start with the last one that simpler. But Jimbo snacking on a sandwich like he was like this little badger eating a piece of corn Oh. Yeah. Sandwich Queen. Pizza. Sandwiches. Pizza Bagel Love I love Pizza Sandwich, I love a pizza Bagel a bit of A. Spicy, Panini but Yes. Jimbo is pizza also sounds like a place that has great pizza. So Jimbo's Pizza Oh yeah. I'm going to get sliced Jimbo's. God and you don't. Get you don't. Order a slice and they give you whatever they give you, right? Yeah. Always have a full assortment of spices. The red pepper flakes the Parmesan garlic. Oregano yeah like I like a pizza place. I, don't know if you've experienced this where you get to go and they're gonNA, put it in the back if you don't get it just on a plate and they're like, Oh, do you want to put any spices on this before? I close up the boss I. Always I always find that very sweet but I'm like. Oh No, no, no. No, it's fine because I don't want them to like watch me putting spices on the pizza oh. Wow No that is a very good sign of somebody that gives you a box right that they You probably don't have these fixings at home, right? Yeah. You want address this up. Yeah I think that's it's a nice move. So That's what Jimbo's pizza does. Yeah, and then the adult in the room energy the Jimbo's given Bo of like you know, why don't you go talk to her like this is just going to fester affect your performance like girl just go talk to her stop talking to me about it and Yeah Oh Jimbo Jimbo also in the workroom serving moby circa southside featuring gwen Stefani. Oh, that is specific year. Yeah. Is this in terms what he was wearing I'm trying to remember yeah he was wearing those glasses and the fur coat oh, the glass in the fur coat and I think it was one of our Mary's sister Mary. Livia. WHO said it was very reminiscent of. Johnny McGovern back in the late gay soccer. Practice Day. which was a throwback boy did that with that was it's not like I saw him and I was like in love. But it was like the right point of my gay up bring up upbringing no one brought me up, my my growing up gay where it was like Oh..

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