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Every county in the state to retrofit homes, and offices with energy efficient lighting and windows and air conditioning and other appliances. So we're talking about a lot of different types of jobs, and we're going to see growth because as we transition over right now, where just under a quarter renewable power, most of that is hydropower as we transition. Towards at least half of it and, and much more solar and wind energy efficiency in homes, and offices. We're going to see those jobs take off eighty-five thousands and number today. That's roughly comparable to the construction industry in New York. We're gonna see that go up dramatically, how will that impact things like areas like transportation because, you know, you think of the whole movement toward electric vehicles in the like, well, I think we're going to see big changes in the types of cars. We drive and we're also going to see big changes in how we drive, you know, we already have hybrids. Of course. We're starting to see more and more. Plug in hybrid cars cars that can run lean or electric power and you can plug them in at night. And we're starting to see more and more electric vehicles and those range from battery electric cars fully electric on battery to even start if some cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells Toyota is going to start soon selling a car like that in New York. So we're really starting to see a change in the technologies and even for just they're playing old-fashioned gasoline car fuel economy of that car will double by twenty twenty five under a program. That was a Dopp by the Obama administration a couple of years ago. It's a big change. Very exciting. And I think it'll, it'll have environmental benefits, but it also have economic benefits 'cause we won't be paying so much for gasoline anymore. And is this something which we are going to really be able to see and feel the state touting as it markets itself because, you know, New York state does an aggressive job also of trying to market to businesses and obviously to individuals about relocating here. Right. I think that the combination of clean renewable electricity and a much more efficient transportation system. Here is a good combination for businesses that are looking for for places to locate, especially here in the city, the New York City released a report last month that found that by twenty fifty eight. Eighty percent of the trips that people take getting to work delivering packages are going to be by some clean source. You know, we're seeing we have the best transit system in the country, but we're gonna see more and more shared vehicles like the Ubers, and we're going to see all sorts of ideas that are just starting to come out in ways that we can get around cleaner. And then you add in replacing coal and natural gas old natural gas plants with the newest most efficient gas, plants solar wind. Hydro. The electricity portfolio was going to be safe. It's going to be cost effective is going to be reliable, and it's gonna be good for business rich. Thank you very much for joining us and sharing these insights, a situation where obviously going to be watching, because it's one that's going to affect hopefully, benefit all of us. Well, thanks for having me, it's real pleasure speak with you and your listeners today. That does it for our program. The Sunday morning. I'm Bob Solter stick around and laborious talking golf coming up. You're on the fan. I was looking for a better way to check in on our house while I was at work and a friend recommended blink. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a shot, and I bought a blink camera system with our last security system. Fath- alarms wires everywhere, and monthly fees. We couldn't get out of my bad, but are blink system is different. They're motion activated cameras that work inside and outside. They're wire free easy to set up and they run onto lithium batteries that lasts up to two years. Total peace of mind and camera systems started under eighty bucks. With no subscriptions,.

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