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I have this amazing rainforest. I that we live in or have this awesome blanketing mattress of Moss covered ground. It's it's always soft underfoot and Rankin just here nature. Being what it is my name is Stacey Elmar and we are at the mendenhall glacier and the Tonga's national afforest the clean. Get my my tribe. Call this sit. Which is the word for glacier and we are Joaquin on trail where the glacier once stood dude vic vic the glacier has receded a mile and a half In my lifetime I judge it by the Rock Outcrop and the ice was on that rock outcrop when I was young. And it's really hit me in the last decade where I'm I'm seeing it like a dying grandfather I considered the glacier. Probably my my oldest the most trusted friend and to To See Diana's is heartbreaking That said perhaps it is time for this. Glacier to die and it will come again in my tidy miniscule blink of life that that brings me comfort. I am looking for Devil's this club. Devils Club has many purposes in the old ways doubles club would be mounted above the entryways of doorways wins and essentially does not allow any bad spirits into the house because the forms will will essentially grab any of the bad spirits and will not allow them into your house so in the fall. I Harvest a Devil's Club stock from the woods it serves as A protection a reminder to be back in where I am and becomes part of my a human venturing meditation and I think we'll go ahead and take this and as much as you don't don't handle doubles club with your bare hands. I still Like to feel if it's friendly towards me and the US and Raven approves and this is where the leather gloves comes in. The smell is marvelous. DOC OCK GONNA shocked when my name's Matt Robison were in my living room here in Juneau Alaska. When I retired I was is the director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation? The Alaska Department officiant game. Juneau's built right at the shoreline and bears disco up and down the hill during their seasonal activities and they go up on the hill for grass in the spring. They come down to the creeks and the shore early in the year and then there amid slope for berries and then they hit the streams for salmon. Well we built a town right in the middle of that and so they are forced to come into close contact with people multiple times through the ear. But when you have them in the center of the community eventually you know something needs to be resolved and we had a bear neighborhood and eventually we got a call at this. Bear was up in a tree asleep and assistant myself rolled out there and in got Outta the truck and sure enough. There's this bear and it's probably about twenty feet up in the tree and I loaded the dart and got ready to mobilize it knowing it would fall out of the tree. Black bears are amazingly tough animals. They just kind of bounce off of things usually okay as I cut ready to career as the gun and take the shot realized they were kind of a line of people from the neighborhood standing around behind this and I asked them to stand clear and whatever whatever one of them piped up and said. Isn't that bearing on a fall on the ground when you after you dart it and I said well yes well. Will you give us like ten ten minutes. And we'll all go to our houses and get mattresses come out we'll make a pile of mattresses on the ground underneath the bear and sure enough within fifteen minutes we had this big pile of mattresses underneath this tree and the bears still asleep and so I started the bear and when that Gart hit into the front shoulder I was really startled and it stood up on the brain and then it became evident that bear had been there a long time because the first thing it did was it started pene gene and it kept at it for a good long time and all of these people who had just been starry eyed a moment before four. Were starting to react to what was happening to the mattresses that they put under this bear might assistant neier standing there facing facing away from these people just going. Oh God oh God what are we going to do. And the bear finally went to sleep after six or seven minutes tumbled down. Hit right at the edge of the mattresses so they may have done some good and usually when you approach in a mobilized animal. You do it very very carefully. And you probem timer to to make sure they're not gonNA come at this time we each just grab a handful of for and ran it through it in the pickup truck and booked out in the neighborhood but that was kind of the moment I remember in my career. One was like this can't be happening but it is. What are we going to do? So there you go well one of the things that strikes you about that whole deal is that you think you're going into a profession where you're going to be dealing with animals all the time and in fact most of wildlife management is dealing with people one where the younger basically we humans create. The problem in the bears usually usually suffer for it. So it's a checkered confusing thing to deal with. So.

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