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So Thursday at the reason why he didn't have picked numbers, North Carolina, but I'll pose you with this question then if your BJ Boston your your inner circle What's the move mean? Do you do stay in you fight it out. Do you declare and try to play pro? Do you try to do this? One-time transfer thing? Like what's kind of The Next Step? If if it stays on the same path next whatever 2 months season ends. Where do you go from here? Yeah, and for what it's worth like looking through BJ Boston's numbers. Like I realized that I should preface this as well. Like I know BJ's been in office figures the bunch and I just reach like back in like pulled out a bunch of Nasir little like double figures games this year a little had a p e r of twenty that year on Brandon Boston is at 12.8 wage right now, which is like disaster level for an NBA Prospect just to kind of put it in context again if I was In PJs here right now. I would probably say. I agree with you that like they need to find a way to like get him to his happy place. Right like they need to find what's going on there. Like it does look like he's lost a little bit of confidence Sprite and I think that that's the number one thing. We need to find a way to regain his confidence. Honestly, if I was him, I'd go back to Kentucky right now based off of what we've seen so far. I would go back to Kentucky and supportive coach right like we can criticize coach Calipari and say we want but he's seemingly been with them every step of the way and it wasn't like a Ricochet Ricochet shot or anything, but he said kind of after the game somebody asked him. Like why wasn't Dante Allen play more as like I didn't shoot the ball like he had some open looks and shoot him playing field and shoot and shut the flip side is kind of saying, you know still be patient with with BJ and then order if a kid's heart out, I don't know it's all over the place, but it does if you boil it down, it seems like coach Calipari is behind him. Yeah, like I think that if I was like I would say go back we've seen like these guys in the past that they've been propped up by lofty off mock draft standings, right and then they enter the draft because they're still high on draft boards in March and then the bottom falls out once they get into work outs and stuff and they end up going undrafted. Right? We've seen that like the the classic one is one that's actually worked out positively to me. Do you remember crashing would and like his situation? Yeah. No, I remember the iconic photo draft night of him with his his hands on his face. And you know, there was a story that circulated last week that it's like ex girlfriend left him that night and had to talk to her since and now he's, you know throwing Jabs at at shacks and he's a casual fan after having a great game..

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