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State government used to be held by the so-called three men in a room on the next Brian Lehrer show, the first woman ever to be part of that power structure. The new leader of the New York state Senate Democrats Andrea Stewart cousins talks about the changes coming to Albany in the her party's priorities. Brian Lehrer show that starts at ten o'clock this morning right now, let's check in with John Schaefer with today's gig alert. The Detroit band called proto martyr makes dark post punk music carrying on a tradition. Started almost four years ago by bands, like joy division proto martyrs music showcases. Joe Casey's often gloomy but often emotionally rich vocals, and the song's can go in unexpected directions. They're widely hailed twenty fifteen album the agent intellect for example, takes its title from a central concept in medieval philosophy this song. Coward star is from that album. Howard's star by proto martyr. They play tonight tat Warsaw in Brooklyn for details. Go to new sounds dot org. Nj transit reporting delays on the north jersey coast the Morrison Essex in the month their lines mostly cloudy day today with a high near forty five degrees. It'll feel colder with the wind. Winds will gust from the north west at thirty six miles per hour. Right now, it is thirty six degrees. Overcast in New York..

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