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Talking like they do so like. You're not in high school anymore. You know no no. I mean the way i talk with. You know my son's friends you want to sixteen and one is thirteen. Is i talk. Like i talked to everybody else. Except i a- will you know dive down into that sophomoric humor that they all love. Yes but i will. Not i will not use tick tock lingo or or anything of that nature. I don't even know what that is. So i'm kind of safe. It's just it's what all the kids are are on so belts might be something you wanna look out black and white. Apparently this color combo it's reliable like black and white. Yeah yeah belts earrings and all that you can do all that but black and white is always seen as pretty elegant. You can have checkerboard pattern. You can have a black pants and a white top You know it's. It's a good standard like if as you said if you're looking to go in need presentable but not trying too hard usually black and white you know dark suit for guys white shirt you never really going to go wrong with that Now you could depending on again industry work and go at the bright's little extra pop. Anybody who knows. Matty kay knows. I like the pop the pop. Yes the sizzle. I like to peacock around the member. Zoot suits from the nineteen twenties thirties. Those oughta comeback. I think we ought to do a fashion walk sometime down the road number. The foul road remember. There was a gold store. Called homeboy two thousand. Remember that place yes. It had a. It's in the window. Was this rope chain with a solid gold while obviously wasn't solid gold but a gold uzi hanging from it. I i regret not buying that. I've to this day i really say i would really just be very interesting for me to in. This would be weird and creepy. But i would love to go back to fordham and just live like a day in the life of a student. He that's a fantasy camp. That i bet a lot of adults would love to do for. No i'm not even not even joking around. I think it would be like i'm. I'm insanely curious to see what life is like for a twenty one year old college student from when we went. You know twenty some odd years ago. I'm just not not in a in a creepy old guy way. Like i'm literally like wha what what's campus life. What how they you know what has changed. Where are they eating. Where are they going into. Bars. what is what's the social interaction to the dorm. Still look the same. You're out of bars. Party does have a you. remember that guy. Yes yes he was not you know. He tried to kiss me. Did you know that. I don't remember the incident. I remember you talking about it was at alumni. I don't know if you were there. It was that alumni north. I'll call him berry just for the sake of idea. Remember his real name. But i'm not going to use it any was he was probably rh right. No no he. I don't know we're talking about san guy the guy he used to hang out at mugs and he was. He knew the bartender there. There was a guy who was like in his in his thirties at least and he did not go to fordham. He is not a forum grenell. He didn't know he didn't go to four. Maybe it's the same that maybe he was in his thirties. He could have been in his. It's i don't know. But i was with i was at alumni north and i was i was talking with. I don't know we were. We were in a group talking with a girl and he'll and he comes up. I'm like jesus christ so he's chatting up. Let me get your drank. I'm like yeah. Okay fine blah blah blah. So then i like i like. I'm barely paying attention to them. And and i'm turned back. Like i'm like here and i turn over to talk to this girl. And then he like taps me on the shoulder or something or like hits me so i turned over. And he's coming in to kiss me. Oh my like odd. On the lips by heisman. Am i push back. And i'm like what are you doing. Like i'm like i'm not. I'm not gay. Like i'm not attracted to you as i do not do this and he was like all i just you know i was just going to whisper something your ear or something. I was like dude. We'll spur. that's worse whisper something in my ear. Kiss me on the list. What would i possibly be from. You know that was. Yeah that was. And i would wanna know if that dude was still there while yeah he used to hang he was a local guy like he lived over in little italy. Yeah in the bronx and he used to hang out with the college bars. And i'm like what are you. What exact like the other place. I really really like our thought process of that dude. Like i would like to be that guy for a day and they just be like who is this guy. Will you know the thing about where we went to school. I know we're way off topic but like where my brother went to school. Which was outside of burlington vermont. Like that's a really nice city. People would kind of stay there. Nobody was sailing around film. I'm not the type of neighborhood you would like. I think some people stayed for a summer. Maybe or something like that. I never did. But i mean some people would stay by Van cortlandt park. What would that. Eric called by manhattan college riverdale. Yes yet but that's not. I mean that was kind of far away not far really far away. It was like four miles away. Well that's where people lived though. I mean that's like you were not like.

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