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That's excellent is a great resource. You know for many many people especially if they really have. Interest or you know I think sometimes the person gets to the point where they just have to do something else, but the family is probably holding them back a little bit because of fear. So do you find that as is an issue? Yeah. I think that when people come to us, they are completely exhausted and they're kind of like. We've tried everything this is. This is so frustrating and we don't know what to do from here and I got it like. I've definitely been there and yeah, so we are able to kind of hold their hand through the process and do a lot of the the work for them so that they can. Can kind of just sit back a little bit and understand what's going on. also lyman cancer services as a completely free service, which is nice, because I feel like everything with line, disease, super expensive but yeah, so we kind of are just there to help you along with the process. Make sure you know if you do hyperthermia treatment, which is Pricey. We WanNa make sure you do it right and. And there is a lot involved with tick borne infections and general. It's not a silver bullet treatment for everyone that we wanna make sure that you're prepared before you go, and we look into every different, also Pius, you come back. You have again most sustainable results the elephant in the room. What's the cost factor for going over in having hyperthermia? It depends on the different clinics. We work with two hospitals in Germany the Saint George, hospital and Dr Hers Ox. Hospital doctor Herzog. is about trump thousand five hundred euros for two weeks St George. Hospital is around sixteen thousand five hundred euros for two weeks, and then we also work with Santa. Me Of Medical Institute in Baja. California Mexico which has been amazing especially during Kobe, because it's easier to get to for people in the states. They really haven't had any issues with Kobe and. Any Asa there about twenty thousand US dollars, so it's it's about the same as the Saint George Hospital. Everything is included in regard to your room and your meals and. An on your treatments as well. Do you work with any foundations that offer financial assistance for people going through this? I have. To a few different foundations and we are looking into. Various projects that we can do to help people afford this treatment as of right now we're in the works with things, but for right now I tell my clients to always ask for an itemized bill when they come back from the hospital. Because a lot of times, my clients low re-submit to their insurance company, and they are getting a significant amount. Back is not a guarantee, but I'm happy I'm seeing it happen more often than not so I mean every little bit helps when you're dealing with lime disease, especially in I can go for post, treatment and helping you detox Yeah, so it's really worth as those questions that that's true and it's great advice. Did we miss anything here? Do, we cover just about everything. I think I think we did. A Good Job Lady, good job you. Wonderful so listen everybody. If you have any questions, please reach out to Michelle. mckeon her information certainly will be on the website as well and for those who are stuck home I hope you're listening to all the PODCASTS and enjoying them. If you have any concerns or questions, you can reach out to me at Cindy at pursue wellness dot us and. visit the website www dot pursue wellness dot us as well and. Come back and listen to us again. Tell us what you'd like to hear I. Appreciate everybody out there. I wish all well. Stay Safe and love everybody that you love. Of course she do okay take care bye bye, thank you for listening.

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