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Benzopyrene of the Chicago Cubs Dejected for the first time, in his lengthy career yesterday So what finally sent him over the edge what maids bins Oba's become a crazed madman finally get him so kicked out of the game Me it was just too It. Was a pretty sick burn see bins overs, was having an issue yesterday. Bob with home. Plate umpire Phil cozy And. Phil a strike zone was let's say hits, his interpretation wait a minute, was fuzzy Sorry Apologize for. It I. Left This strikes a, bit fuzzy around. The edges Bins oversight attention not in a good way a couple of times and then zobrist wanted to. Engage Vilakazi and how. He, was somewhat, selectively calling balls and strikes well feel cozy big major league baseball umpire was he open to reasonable and. Rational, discussion, about his job behind the plate now man of course not is a major league baseball umpire feel 'cause he wasn't trying to hear none of that. Noise from Ben zobrist about his strike zone Impure because Phil because he knew that he was wrong does so Ben zobrist he did what I can. Only say is simply. The, Lord's work, you got himself kicked out what did he say to feel cozy did he call him everything but a. Child, of, God no bins overs tell you what he said to fill custody to get him kicked out of the game he didn't.

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