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Show. He can't stop it. That's what's happening. KOA NewsRadio time is twelve thirty. Federal officials are investigating several packages that contain potential explosive devices. The packages were mailed to former President Obama former secretary of state and first lady Hillary Clinton CNN's studios in New York, Florida congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and former attorney general Eric Holder Thornton. Firefighters are investigating a house fire that killed one person. This week spokesman woman Sabrina Jaka Vada says the call originally came in as a garage fire at a home on Saint Paul circle. And the firefighters found is spread to the home. They did find a party near the front door. And they pulled the party from the home and immediately began medical treatment and did transport that person to the hospital. Yeah. Person died and no word yet on the cause of the fire or whether there was a working smoke alarm in the home. The Denver Broncos have released backup quarterback. Chad Kelly a day after his arrest on charges of first degree criminal trespassing all day. Gathering information on what happened. John Elway spoke with Chad Kelly, and they just automatically decided that they they couldn't tolerate this type of behavior. KOA newsradio. Nine news Broncos insider, Mike cliffs Kelly had a court appearance this morning. He was arrested after leaving a Halloween party hosted by linebacker von Miller, and allegedly going into an ankle would home someone shot a large bull elk early this week it put her canyon, Colorado parks and wildlife spokesman Jason. Just it's a heavy. So only the trophy parts were taken from the L. It is a felony offense to kill and abandoned big game to remove only the trophy parts and leave the carcass in the field. Clay says you can get a five hundred dollar reward for information about this. Poaching. Denver Nuggets remain unbeaten on the season. After crushing the Sacramento Kings, one twenty six to one twelve last night at the Pepsi center. The nuggets four no on the season. Our next news update is at one o'clock. I'm Susan Witkin KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Overall, a drive still in pretty good shape. Cross down the only big delays. We were seeing are the delays on the turnpike. That crash investigation car that's off the highway at flatiron crossing westbound thirty six this little sloppy there right now. Most of the emergency vehicles are off the shoulder. You're still a little activity there. And that's what slowing you down. But it's not a big backup. That's it though. The rest of the highway drive is up speed no delays on I twenty five across downtown. I seventy wide open both sides of the city and to twenty-five still in great shape across Aurora CBS four weather. Decreasing clouds, sixty two partly cloudy tonight, low forty two mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow with a high of sixty five looks that way right through the weekend right now..

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