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The special greatest jet interview. They're taking care of the babies but you're about to hear what full hour will full our full. Our great john. He does not disappoint. He's a quote machine interesting fellow he basically was It was like a live press conference just for us. Great job press conference and it was awesome. Yeah so i guess without further do. Here's the grady judd interview. Welcome to the show legendary florida. Sheriff from polk. County grady judd. Thank you sheriff judd for joining us today. We really appreciate you taking the time. Well certainly my honor to be with you today. How are you all doing very great. Pretty get better now have share very very excited. We told you a little bit before we started rolling here but this show has been running for about three years. We've been covering a florida man news every single friday during that time. Needless to say our audience is seen and heard a lot of your work From that time period and for the folks at home Grady judd has worked his way up to this position of sheriff polk county after joining the sheriff's office in nineteen seventy two as their youngest employees of all time if wikipedia is telling the truth. Is that true. sheriff. Yes i was four years old at. That's when you got your first caller. Yes well that's i mean it's impressive talk about florida men and you know all all ranges of florida men on on every friday show and you have you were born in florida. Join the sheriff's office that long ago and the now work your way up to sheriff i mean you. You're you are like the florida man really on. I can't think of many others top that. What's next because we allowed to talk about what you were doing last weekend. Well i i you know i like it when people say nice things about me she on your head were you a dc last week Last week i was in dc. I am the past president of major county sheriff's of america. And we're working on this police reform package we sheriff bob gualtieri and i worked with house speaker sprouse and the to create a state system and now we were there last week meeting with three of our. Us senators. senator troy scott and senator booker. And also lindsey graham senator lindsey graham giving our input because the house version of this police reform was just some rid really crazy off the wall stuff. That's not acceptable Most people i would say ninety nine point nine percent of the cops and certainly not the senate so the is working on the versions because every one agrees that some police agencies in this nation the police before some police agencies are on the cutting edge but unfortunately the media has taken individual bad events or individual bad agencies that don't follow practices best practices and extrapolated that to lead people to believe that all police are bad. All police are violent and and and is just a false narrative also. They're not oh okay so the end of the day. We're trying to push back against that. Say look there's eight hundred thousand cops you know there someplace there. Some agency that recruited the wrong way higher. The wrong way didn't tried Retain their own people when they do something stupid. That's not decorative of all eight hundred thousand of us. Sure it's a big issue in. It's obviously going to take some time to negotiate all that because it's been going on let me ask you. How did you see how big the lifts were and lindsey graham shoes. Does he have like. Did you notice how many inches he was packing. The lifts guy. He was actually sitting down at the time. But stand up. Settle to leave and he won't ever be Nba star pokes that little guy. Well sheriff john one of the Most recent events we covered From your handiwork. Down in polk county was operation Dirty water and so wanted to give you a chance to see. You know your thoughts on that since that's a fresh one An international organized crime ring essentially So wanted to hear you know you you sort of break down how to how do what do you think about that. And are you seeing more crime of that of that style. We talked about it on the show a couple of weeks ago. What do you know the national media wants to ignore. The what i call the ten thousand pound red elephant in the room and that's drug trafficking and drug abuse and what is occurring the border right now contrary to what the politicians tell you is a crisis and let me underscore is a crisis and not only is it a crisis with the people flooding across the border but we know that the organiz drug smugglers are pushing through a group of people and why border patrols tangled up within their driving large amounts of methamphetamine and other drugs across the border. We see fifty million dollars worth of math. That came in liquid form in five gallon buckets across the border and this drug went to atlanta. We were working an undercover operation in central florida. This particular crime group wanted opened up a pipeline into central florida. We work with department of homeland security. Vhs and as a result of that we're able to bust up this operation but that was the mistake coming into paul county a we we were on them like a jcp. The landing spot was was their fatal flaw. Now what are the one of the women was a believe like a resin. Opole county right. They're using her. so what. what was the situation. What was she like living in a normal house but she had like a ten lamborghinis out front like was real. Flashy like you know. It wasn't near that impressive. This lady that delivered the drudge to us the first delivery right she came out of atlanta. She had been released from federal prison for doing a ten year stretch. For what dealing in math like mac at wasn't rehabilitated. I guess she was still on probation delivered. The drives you know. We didn't know who she was.

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