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Do know victims were brought here this afternoon and trauma teams were standing by ready To take care of these gunshot gunshot one patients that came from Mayfair Mall today. Rebecca cloth, and we do know in some of the communication that we heard between law enforcement that two juveniles were shot and the indication that we were getting early is that there were no fatalities. We're showing you now. I believe these are filed these air previous pictures from the scene Mayfair Mall of Law Enforcement on the scene there. It has been a very active busy day. You can see just how big the footprint is of Mayfair Mall there. On. That is if we cut away from that. That is some of the video that we are trying to be protective of their, but you can see the number of law enforcement on the scene here. Because there is a large building that they have to go through. And based on what we heard from the mayor. That statement is now at least an hour old that they were still looking for a shooter, but we are now Less than a half hour away and where we will get where we will get an update from law enforcement. At least that's what they're indicating on where they stand in this investigation where they stand in this multiple shooting, and just how many people were shot, But Steve, as you can imagine, they're very busy. They're very active. They're trying to figure out Everything as well. And we have heard from some folks who said that they're people who are inside. In fact, let's throw to one of the sound bites that we have from a man who knows of two people, including his uncle, who was shot inside. My concern from a concho TMJ fours. Charles Benson. You're listening to their our continuing coverage. A shooting at Mayfair Mall this afternoon reports are that multiple people have been shot were reporting that our sources tell us at least seven people shot at Mayfair, the mayor saying. Fortunately that he believes none of those injuries are life threatening. We're hearing from the mall itself now in a statement, Mayfair mall, saying, We are disheartened and anger that our guests and tenants were subject to this violent incident today. We are thankful for our partners at the woman tells the police department and then we are cooperating with them is their investigation develops. Mayfair is closed at this time. And as far as we can tell, there are still people sheltering in place right now, John hours after this incident Still now waiting for police to clear that entire building, you know, imagine the stress this afternoon. There was a period of time this afternoon about three o'clock where several schools were shut down. Tosa West High School, Whitman Middle School was shut down. There's also in elementary school right in that area, Our Redeemer Lutheran school just right near Mayfair Mall. And all of that was put on Lockdown as police sorted this out, especially once there was word that it was an active situation and that it was still going on. Those those schools were all placed on lockdown. The kids have now been sent home. Lots of cars remain in the parking lot, which is kind of interesting lots of them inside the police tape. They have been allowed. I just heard from a texture to begin to inch their way out. But there are some cars that are completely black by police vehicles don't know when people were able to recover those We're expecting to hear in about 20 minutes. From law enforcement. I presume the Wauwatosa Police department. That's coming your way in about 20 minutes on WTMJ. Let's get out to Debbie Logica again. It's the middle of rush hour, Debbie. How is this impacted the ride and how is the right in general? Well, if the right in general is actually not too bad, this particular situation now that it appears Mayfair Road is open in both directions across from past Mayfair Road. Um, it doesn't seem to be impacting people very much. Here's the thing, though. You don't want to be necessarily going through that area. It trust me. It's just It's the traffic around it heading on highway 100 itself. It's gonna be kind of Ah, nasty ride. So try and avoid that if you can now 41 south, but we do have this accident at Hampton Avenue still being worked on on the left shoulder. Volume is bunched up right past that scene, but it's not too bad. Um, travel times are pretty much gone back to normal at 15 minutes. I wake you to the zoo. The other issue is gonna be our semi that ended up off of the roadway at Elm Road on North found 94. It is on its wheels, so it's not tipped over anything, but it's off into the ditch. Means they're gonna probably need to get a tow truck out there, and it's gonna be one of those big toes, so it's probably going to end up blocking Elaine through there. Just be prepared for that. Something on 43 is nice and quiet, as is North bound and cell phone on the bypass. I'm nebulas ago. Wtmj paella wi dot com Time saver traffic. All right, Thank you. Dub dubs Absolutely right. Stay clear that area That's a busy area. But if you don't need to be in that area don't be in that area. There is a lot a lot a lot of law enforcement activity continuing to go on in that.

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