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Case. Next if you're going on a journey if you had a destination marked on a map you'd need appropriate to choose who you're going to travel with. Who are going to be your travel companions manse? And what are the voices you want in your ear as you make an journey. Sometimes it's going to be down here on easy star pretty quickly. You're going to end end up feeling like you all going up here with a wind against you with you wondering if Russians going to run out wondering if your energies he's GonNa run out. I think it's really important to treat feedback from other people like you treat the weathe- so if you're on a journey he had bad weather. You wouldn't Shane Schule Destination based on the weather. The weather itself. Alf isn't your campus. You have a compass headed you might change your strategy you might change your route. You might change your clothing and in this case this might be the way you attack or pressure problem only might be your leadership style so the things you can change but one thing that doesn't change one thing. The weather does not tight tight. Is Your destination so be really careful not to allow the people around you who will own the journey with you to dictate your destination The people you take with you need to be people who are going to be useful. Maybe you know if it was a journey. Maybe they'd have sensible skills for Mayo. Mummies a cool. I started chatting about what it wants to do and suddenly I realized I didn't know much about me cluelessly France. I know anything about musicals. I had an idea in my head of what the the Song GonNa Sound like and the story line and I wrote the script but I need someone to help me with blocking. I didn't even know what blocking was blocking is where people stood on the stage stage. I needed someone to conduct you. Costra an might show that sort of things in the in. The band kind of area was working. Well I need people backstage to make sure things were getting ready and people were going on The right time when he did people doors to welcome. So there were whole bunch of people who I needed to take on this journey with me. And what you find is when you've got a compelling vision of where you WanNa be one day actually part of the excitement and the adventures who's who's GonNa join you. On the journey and you find people will miss coming out of the woodwork. Saying Hey I've got this. I've got this gift. The skill of this passion I can bring and by achieving your own vision and your own tree. You'RE GONNA drawer in those other people so you want to choose those companions really wisely. You don't just want yes. Men Women going to create with your time That's no good is that you need. You need some alternative viewpoints at the same time united just want. No people you know may may know women people are saying no people you see the problem for every solution. You suggest you won't people who are going to be positive and help you stay a motivated. Next one is to building moments events of celebration finds things to celebrate. Send the case my musical. How we celebrate it Gain the the cost together. Rather we say we had a social and we enjoyed that and we we celebrate that first stage we celebrated The dress rehearsal. We celebrated securing a venue. If you can take off the steps in West like rungs on the ladder than it's going to see that it'll be closer Sarah over than again like I. I said before when you breaking down a destination if you can break down the actual plan itself as much as you can and then a key moments celebrate nice achievement. So many goals that's going to be motivated. And lastly you've got to start is in say city city doesn't it But a lot of US WANNA White WanNa wait until we feel like. We're the best at doing this. Toss when away into It's perfect we can guarantee the end result is perfect. But unless you stop ought you're never gonNA get you know. This proverb is January. One thousand miles starts with a single step some lines and it's really true you know you you've got to stop before you feel ready. You know if you go in you Jabe if you read books if you read people who really achieve things I would say almost all of whom say you. Don't ever feel ready. You just get going and you learn as issue guy so whatever it is if his writing a book if it's create a pod cost of creating a youtube channel. It's it whatever you get a business a charity Eh. Just make a star somehow. If you WANNA put on a concert for thousand people start with ten people and learn and then gay two hundred people you know. Do you need to begin to hone their skills. And there's something about the process of trying filing learning improving some about that process crisis that you can only do when she when she when she get going when she get out on the road where out in the case of the musical I could have sat there and Tho- of a thousand reasons not stay musical. I caught right. Music would be really good one. I didn't hear about musicals. I never been in a musical. Let alone performed one or directed one but I just got going on. I just found myself writing so after cell and then I went and found someone to write songs down nights hate them for me. A music student who was was more than happy to do that. A- and then you found musicians who happy to help To bring the music to life and then you find people who've been in the the theater before and know how to dress her before you know it. This thing begins to take on a life of its own. Him begins to develop and sometimes people it just waiting for you to have the courage.

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