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Travolta, and also for her roles in the movie, Jerry Maguire, and twins, just to name a couple Preston and Travolta actually met on a film set something she spoke about on live with Kelly and Ryan. I might see you and your husband, John Travolta, You are dancing every time we are. We are. It's the secret to a good marriage. Don't you think, isn't it? You gave it a fun. Well, we danced in a movie that we met. You know, I saw him across the room. I was in the lobby. So you know that was it. Kelly Preston had embattled her the hat. Her battle with breast cancer in Secret. John Travolta tweeting out the message last night that his wife had died again. Kelly Preston was just 57 years old. Well, it might be the nation's oldest clothing company. But Brooks Brothers, his bankrupt and about to shut down its factory in Hey, viral, and when it does, hundreds of workers will be left in the lurch. No severance payments are headed their way at least right right now, But that's not how this story is going to end. If the Massachusetts congressional delegation has anything to say about that, Congresswoman Laurie Trahan says the company should pay the 413 unionized workers at behavioral plant a fair severance package. The company owes them health coverage so that they can get back on their feet. Without living in fear of getting sick or injured. Senator Ed Markey understands times are tough. Brooks Brothers is not responsible for succumbing to the financial devastation caused by this What Brooks brothers is responsible for keeping its word, he says the company's suits maybe hanging in countless closets, but they cannot let Brooks Brothers leave their workers hanging out to dry. That is just plain wrong. Suzanne Saws Ville W. B Z Boston's news radio. It's a small world after all, but the giant world of social media. Gets all lit up over the reopening at Florida's Disney World. Disney World celebrated its reopening by posting a video to social media. But detractors welcomes by theme park employees stay at home today at home since workers were all wearing masks the original post it was apparently easy to re edit the footage. Some users added horror movie music reopening in the midst of the Corona virus spikes is sketchy. Debra Rodriguez CBS NEWS It's 8 38 Let's check on your money now as we head to a Wall Street once again Bloomberg businesses here and here's Tom Busby. Hey, Thank you. Jeff. Wall Street gearing up for more gains today..

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