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Well, when Brown's you can Brown cow podcasts. That's right. Your weekly podcast, we do so many other shows, but this only happens every week and two from well, let's say it this way from my left annual right is the Madame joining me today Madam. How are you. Doing pretty darn good monkey. You know, it's always fun to be on here with you and crazy and fun. Not next to the Cal prods this time when you go crazy and start throwing crap cross my house. Again, I do not throw stuff across your house and and none of us has been crapping. It's been really nice stuff actually. Contradicting yourself already. Okay. You know what? I do welcome this month is all about the gender identity and gender transitions, and we're having a really great time talking to a lot of people, and the person we have on next is tristen injuries. Now, tristen is thirty. Five was assigned female birth, and by his late teens, he, he knew he was transgender and had to be, you know, and he transitioned to mail around. What about fifteen years ago in is early twenties. In about eight years ago, he met biff again and they in love and later married and adopted two children. We're going to explore some really interesting things about Tristan and and Tristan's life and find out how tristen is managing Chuck children and all these things, but we're gonna get into some of those also. Excellent. But what else you want to say there. Madam was going to say, if you're interested interesting story and a lot of divert about there's a show called the accidental parents which will get into later next month during their parenting month. Tristan's also gonna be with us again, talking about his journey, parenting, and his thoughts on raising his own kids because he has a whole barnyard full of zone children under state. And before we started view tristen actually had to lock himself in garage to to sequester. And so for the from the kids, he said that they're amazing getting into places that you never want them to mosques. Seeing them go through the attic doing that whole mission, impossible to get Danny. Makes the curious as to what barnyard animals children are, but you know, that's not keep talking about Tristan what's bring him on with him. Talk about himself. All right, Christon. Welcome to the show. Hey, thank you so much for having me. Absolutely. We're excited to have you we, we know a little bit about you, but before we get started, this is one thing that we always like to ask our guests. Can you tell us your gender pronoun preferences? Sure. I use he and his band has and I'm going to start off the questions here. So as I mentioned or topic, this is gender identity and transitions and a four here more about you. Can you tell us what your gender identity is today? Sure. I am a transgender man. Wonderful. Can you explain to people who may or may not be aware of what that means? What that means? Yeah, Sali's. So as you alluded to in the introduction, I was assigned female at birth, which is a fancy or modern way of saying, I was born girl. We don't say that anymore, but if people have really not delved into the world of gender, people, transgender issues that's like a just a super basic way of explaining it. I had a normal girlhood. I guess I have two sisters. I have parents who are actually just hit their fifty s wedding anniversary. So they are straight people still gather. And you know, I had a pretty liberated childhood in general. My mom is a feminist I wasn't sort of forced to wear any particular kind of closer pick up any particular kind of hobbies. So why didn't really feel a huge sense of gender. For ya until pretty much teen years and sort of as puberty progressed. And and my body started to change, I felt more and more uncomfortable with it. And in fact, when I was in high school, I started to do feeder and that is when I, I was exposed to really gay culture and gay people. And the joke for a long time when I was in high school like, oh, you know, I'm a gay man and woman potty and for years. That's right..

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