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The silver lining is the optimistic part of what might otherwise be gloomy the expression can be traced back directly to a line from milton about a dark cloud revealing a silver lining or halo of bright light behind the gloom the idea became part of literature and part of the culture giving us the proverb every cloud has a silver lining in the mid eighteen hundreds and it gave us a david russell movie had a very good david russell movie let's see have your work cut out oh boy you can have your work cut out for you expression you've got your work cut out for you comes from tailoring to do a big sewing job all the pieces of fabric are cut out before they get sewn together it seems like if your work has been cut for you it would make your job easier but we don't use the expression that way the images more that your task is well defined and ready to be tackled but all the difficult parts are yours to get to that big pile of cutouts isn't going to so itself together i know that you got your work cut out for you it's a big job right three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number if you would like to join us with your favorite phrases or where they came from yeah i still think the break a leg drooling thing is the who told that who who told me that gary right years and years ago when gary and i were working together he said that he you know he had heard that there was people drooling all over the stage and breaking people were falling actors were falling it breaking their legs the yeah and i still don't think that the the john wilkes booth thing is makes any sense either 'cause i remember the doctor that said it was named mud.

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