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Russia. Trump says the story is false. He talked to reporters just a few minutes ago at the White House. I'd ever worked for Russia. And you know that answer better than anybody. I never worked for Russia. Not only did I never worked for. I think it's a disgrace that you even ask that question because it's a whole big fat hoax. The New York Times reports that law enforcement began investigating Trump in twenty seventeen after he fired FBI director James Comey. The president defending his decision to fire Komi Jay Pritzker will be inaugurated governor of Illinois this morning down in Springfield NBC fives. Marianna her non with Mankato this morning saying that her sources tell her that Paul McCartney may be performing at the J B Pritzker inaugural bash the latest on our Kelly Chicago police getting a tip that Kelly was holding two women against their will at Trump Tower. Condo. Police. Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi talking about it with Mankato on WLS this morning on Friday. We we got an anonymous. We've got an out of state report that came in through the Cook County state's attorney's office that was passed through to CPT, and it indicated that there were two women being held in Mr. Kelly's residents against their will. Anthony Guglielmi also says that the report was unfounded because the cops interviewed these two women and determined that they were staying with our Kelly as part of their own free will and that they were not being forced to stay there. In wisconsin. Jake Paterson do in a courtroom this morning. The twenty one year old facing charges that he killed the parents of Jamie Kloss and then kidnapped Jamie for three months. The girl was found safe after she ran away from Jake Paterson last week. Now, he's got his first court appearance. This morning WLS news time nine.

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