National Enquirer, CBS, Jeff Bezos discussed on Overnight America with Ryan Wrecker


News on the hour. Sponsored by Liberty Mutual insurance. I'm Pam Coulter. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says we have lost a beloved pillar of the congress and one of the greatest legislators in American history. Former Michigan congressman John Dingell who served longer than anyone ever has died at age ninety two Diggle championed the auto industry, while advancing energy and environmental legislation and was unwavering in a supportive, civil rights, Georgia, congressman and civil rights icon, John Lewis knew he had to support of his fellow colleague. In friends in the congress took chances took risks. He led the way Amazon CEO in Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos says he was the target of extortion and blackmail by the publisher of the National Enquirer he said at threatened to publish photos of him and his girlfriend unless he stopped his investigation of the supermarket tabloid. CBS's Elaine Kiana basis was the subject of a National Enquirer story, alleging that he'd been having an affair with TV anchor. Lauren Sanchez, the Enquirer published his personal texts basis. Then started looking into where the Enquirer got its information. Hiring a well known security expert Gavin de Becker, President Trump says Democrats have gone nuts, but they're pushing ahead with investigations of the president and his administration. CBS's Nancy Cortes has more just one month into their new majority. House Democrats are demanding sensitive documents that could shed light on how security. Clearances were granted at the White House. How companies got contracts to clean up after hurricane Maria, and whether the president's decisions have been influenced by his foreign financial interests acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker will appear before the House Judiciary committee tomorrow Democrats want to know, if he talked to the White House about the Russia investigation prominent Democrats like Senator Kamala Harris are weighing in on Virginia's political scandal. CBS Eddo kief ARIS said that the sexual assault allegations.

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