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Aaron, Christmas, Diane discussed on Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry


The dollar shelling go by the fracas bruce you can find little aaron you look lineup put nightmare math why don't you love the way we in these the same way every time because we always go wa because causes such a ton mom it really is with so much information gosh i forgot how good that is of a christmas movie it's definitely a warm cozy blanket hot cocoa h just a tunnel little stories that just wrap you up a make you go i love family yeah and christmas christmas season and speaking of the holiday season we have another sort of christmas adjacent movie coming up we even though he's not really a christmas move it's at christmas movie it's not really christmas or even though there is a very christmas he seen in the mood very christmas he will guys we are so excited because in a fortnight we are going to have special guests john coz art and diane carrying i am so excited bffs are joining us to review the robin williams classic film ju g which i know what you're thinking hey did not just come out no that's the sequel you selli daily this is the original jumanji the all jumanji and we're we pick this one specifically because there was this reboot coming out it may even be out right now i'm not sure what the release date was but for those you guys who won a little tripped i memory lane we thought oh we fund review with those two and that's a fun episode we get into we really do you guys are gonna love it so we will see you guys in two weeks also known as a fortnight or the next episode up pop.

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Aaron, Christmas, Diane discussed on Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry

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