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Cited this game and i think i think that's as good a transition as we're going to get have one more thing a shirt through a thought his passing looked pretty good in this room he had a couple of drives were he he could have passed out but eat assists in twenty nine minutes and i thought he was pretty useful because his assists or generally leading play 3s or lips and so he he was a i thought he showed good patients and didn't take that many bad shots yo when he got into trouble he was able to pass out of it most of the time in his first three shots the one he made was the worst one who was shot at like a thirty footer and made that one and then missed the other t that were pretty up a of okay but yeah you're going to transition towards the end of the game here yeah so i mean i i mentioned this before but it's it's worth repeating that the warriors were up ten with about two minutes to go and say it kind of settling and they still have their it wasn't that the hamptons five you still refused to use that because he did all it did not playing this game so they they regionally were using jordan ballan than they ended up switching to patrick mccaw an the mavs deserve credit for continuing to fight the warriors just bates some pretty just sloppy mistakes in that and push view the warriors led by 10 after a steph curry layup won twenty two to one ten and then after a wes matthews miss three the rebound went right back to him not it's on a hustle there from the warriors a and that led to uh yogi farrell making it a corner three and then the turnovers began in that really i mean you know turnovers and 3shot fouls right of those who is the keys of these comebacks in so dramatic green pushed off on an inbounds pretty blatantly ah ah got an offensive foul that not we saw those too crazy turn overs you.

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