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That's what it's going on these days everything's going but anyway so the president was in las vegas and he was touting the gentleman who's running the republican running for the senate in nevada and he's running against a woman a congresswoman jackie rosen so well here's the here's the prince people that now are that's what they call her wacky jackie that's what you want for your senator he wants to raise taxes and i think somebody said she's in nevada right now campaigning with polka artists he's campaigning with elizabeth warren sometimes referred to affectionately of course pocahontas of what do we have never had an entertaining president like this guiding a peter in new jersey you want to agree with bartlett's pairs over here peter good morning guys i just wanted to say you know it's it this isn't about opinion people should be doing their homework on issues especially ulan and i wonder if you could tell me who changed the asylum laws to favour minors entering into the country and who started all this mess all i was quoting the constitution this is from an article in the hill that says the supreme court has decided the issue over a century ago and that if someone a person is you can't deprive any person of of of due process and says century ago we had boats and ships it took months to get here people came here only the men came here they came to work and send money back to build their countries and their families and land why do we have a so our schools are jammed all right hospitals a jammed this started in the eighties it's not you know it's a long time ago and we pay for it without getting into a constitutional argument with you are you willing to change the constitution now on all issues i guess i guess oak woodland come on you can't say somebody puts a tow here the automatically get due process they're entitled to an american citizen shos telling you what the constitution says i am not saying i supported her don't support it i'm just saying that when the president says just take them throw them out of the country no judge no jury no court just throw him out that's not what the constitution says that's all then just let them all come in and joe this is a constitutional issue i'm not saying i'm not saying let everyone come that they're bringing crime and i don't think the walls do squat.

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