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Thought we were on the same page. Now see nowa- see you just a few steps above hockey. Do i'm not going to bring the league's in this is your moment. This is your time to shine. Nba now give me a reason. Can i talk to. can i talk to linnet. Can i talk to mr coelho linen. Feel like we on the same wavelength. I feel as though we on the same wavelength. I don't have to say anything. He doesn't have to say anything. And we communicate. Nonverbal are nonverbal. Communication is is it is what dreams are made it takes anticipation and it turns and flips it on his head and say anticipation. You ain't seen nothing like this before l. And that's mean why let it. John is the greek freak. Wow i mean. I am just thrilled that you would choose to spin more and more years in milwaukee with the milwaukee bucks at i don't have i don't have anything to say about that that's not negative. I'm just gonna keep it positive. Say thank you thank you thank you now. The pressure is there now. The pressure to carry the city to carry the team to carry the state. That is on you. I think you can do. I think you can do it. But if you can't if you can the mothers they come in for the other people that are prepare in waiting for your downfall waiting for you to slip. In fall there they are they. Don't don't don't worry. I'll help you up in. Be a is tasked in knows deck. The fan is before the testing because we out the fan hockey you get the test. How can you get the task. Remember you have dialed at this time..

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