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Hayward is out. We'll discuss the short and long-term implications of Koreans injury will talk about the Celtics game 1 win over the Seventy Sixers Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown are absolutely ridiculous first. As always, please subscribe to this podcast, wherever you listen, give us a follow on Twitter. That's at winning players pod. Shout out to see on this media. Shout out to bet online. Michael piano. Welcome back, my friend. Thank you. Thank you. So happy to be here. You guys are incredible job in my absence used to suck up comes back. Just watch the season turn just crumble away home. I have two quick questions for you, you know to get a to get us re-acclimated question one of all the pieces you've written for GQ and the last few weeks even do a lot of work over there. Which one are you most proud of wage? Well, I did this story about group economics and trying to explain what that was cuz some guys in the league three players are wearing a group economics on the back of their jerseys as their social social justice message. And when I first saw that as an option, I had no idea what it was or what it meant. So I talked to thought the players Anthony Tolliver and David West who I found out was the reason for it because he was kind of the inspiration a few years back and that was cool. And apparently it did well traffic-wise which I don't personally care about I guess but is but you're going to say most intense most importantly exactly well throughout the question. Exactly. Yes, not trying to spread a message of you know, social justice. But as long people click, that's all I really care about. Okay, you got your priorities in line while your doing awesome over there. Very cool to see that everyone check him out GQ GQ long is that that where to go? Okay, so from from from group up in economics to education reform question to the lack of impact. All right rank it from 1 through 10. How hard are the Celtics going to feel this Gordon Hayward injury. So Gordon Hayward is out what four weeks with a sprained right?.

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