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Balanced back to sentencing that's an ambitious tall order it is taller but it's it's you know essential we have a country that seems to be even now on aware the fact that it is the most incarcerated country in the world you know we have a system that makes apartheid look like they weren't locking up enough people compared to our standards i mean it's pretty ridiculous that we have had a five hundred percent increase in incarceration nationally over period of a few decades and yet we find ourselves basically not safer with public schools that are bankrupted and with no treatment for a lot of things that go to the roots of criminal conduct such as addiction or lack of job training so are you trying to dismantle mass incarceration from the inside out yes tell me in the first one hundred days what's been your biggest surprise in your effort to try to do that and your biggest roadblock is it 'eurocracy is it inertial what is it i mean no offense to what it is that you do for living but i have to tell you i think that media has not this media but i think media in general has been engaging in a sort of a comic book tale ever since the of william randolph hearst and yellow journalism it's basically stories about fear with you know and it's stories about once i being all good in the other side being bad instead of actually getting into the signs of the nuance but people want to hear about the signs they wanna hear about the nuance they know that there are problems when they don't have public schools in way that they did have forty years ago let's talk about the power prosecutors i mean and plea deals because the real world isn't like tv shows ninety percent of cases plus end up with a plea bargain explain what you're asking your prosecutors to do these days bring that number down to instill some more balance well we're doing we're doing quite a few things there are a lot of cases that in the nineteen seventies frankly would not have been prosecuted at all and so we are trying to go back in that direction there's a lot of cases that in.

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