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Of BK live on Capitol Hill in Washington DC the hearings around four have gone right now we have the E. U. ambassador Gordon son one is the opening statement by Adam Schiff was a different one for five seconds good luck master someone spoke to president trump a few minutes before the call was placed we will continue to monitor these hearings are all morning long and you can catch all the live on interrupted coverage of today's impeachment hearings at KFBK dot com or search the impeachment hearings on the I heart radio app again we will have the very latest details from now until nine o'clock in fact will be monitoring as I mentioned all morning long here KFBK some functions of government in Louisiana came to a screeching halt when a hacker broke into the state computer systems and demanded a ransom we've been hearing about this happening with hospital systems and government agencies around the country that the Louisiana secretary of state and apartment of motor vehicles were sensually shot down by that ransomware attack and the department of health had no internet access but after a series of similar attacks earlier this year officials were ready for it for more on that we're joined now by ABC's Jim Ryan and Jim what did they put in place in Louisiana that prepare them better for this well a lot of people and malware updates software updates and hardware updates so after a couple of school district in Louisiana were struck by ran to more attacks earlier this year Chris you know they felt prepared and so they took different action from what they might have done otherwise the attack happened on Sunday somebody sent the eight fishing a campground email to a state employee employee opened the email and then click on an attachment the sensually opening up state government computers in Louisiana to a ransomware attack the so called riot could count or Y. U. K. that you had to have been began spreading through the system the year and the computer systems across Louisiana eventually affecting about sixteen hundred workstations at a hundred and thirty two servers the highlight the specialist in Louisiana is that okay right you know we're not gonna be this France we're not going to pursue that we're just gonna shut down all of these computers were gone I will reboot or going to clean off the malware replace the data and then bring them slowly back online so that's what's been happening it's taking several days and even today if you try to get a driver's license in Louisiana or get your car's registration renewed your cut out I don't want because those are still offline Christina how much is the state has to do with the fact that a lot of the systems are old and that government agencies are not upgrading them as quickly as you know private businesses a lot Hey that's why some smaller communities are struck by things like this Louisiana you know it it it has enough of the the infrastructure in place money exposed Betty Katie to protect themselves still causing a major inconvenience but and it's small town police department or a city hall they're very susceptible to do this kind of thing because they haven't updated their software the hardware and they may not have staff well do you know what to deal with it all right ABC's Jim Ryan thank you very much appreciate the report it is a coming up now on six twenty so let's get outside talk to Brian nobles and.

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