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Minutes after eight o'clock I'm happy to see that it looks like the morning call has a good shot on stay in city, park well at least they've been successful to this point and not being disqualified from the bidding process, after the officials at city park said they could. Not participate because they missed a, mandatory meeting and they said we didn't, miss it we were just late well he the owner of morning call said his iphone glitched that was, the word he glitched and that his his calendar on, his iphone failed, him because of this glitch and, then he called his brother and got him over there but by the. Time he got there the meeting was oh makes sense to be see, I'm old enough to remember the morning call when it was on Decatur street I see I remember it on seventeenth street, before they closed, that one call you've been in New Orleans what about twenty twenty two year okay well. Originally the morning call you don't wear the cafe is yes of course everybody in Jackson square all right go, toward Elision fields that. That block and the the, morning call was was on that corner and the head. Curb service and that was difference between at that point the morning call an, cafe one head curb service so. After date you could drive on down in the morning call. Poland waiter comes over takes your order, for coffee and, donuts, but let me ask you. This do you really want to eat Ben yeas in your car oh my. God powdered. Sugar everywhere if you forget to turn off the AC you pull. A Ben Yan Cloud of sugar in? Your view but if you're a. Kid you didn't have a very fancy car, yet a junk car anyway God forbid you rollin with the windows down dry Nita Ben Yay Oh. My Kill all over. The place and if you wore glasses clogged up your glasses and you crash your car and then it's a, disastrous? Date right what, you've done no wonder the curb service didn't survive and your dad tells you you not to eat those been. Yays boy. All, right We're back on WWL as New Orleans as the Saint Louis cathedral WWL AM..

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