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And we welcome you into our number two of the rich Eisen show on this Friday. I'm Mike Keller. John Kuhn, the former NFL running back thirteen years in a league two time SuperBowl champion, he joins me as we fill in for rich Eisen. Chris Brockman, Mike del tufo who are vacationing a much deserved. Well, earned vacation time after a long arduous run through an NFL season, though. They don't get much time away while they're getting a little time away now, and it's happy that were in their chairs for the week to come in this hour of the program will visit with Mike decor. See that happens here in a matter of moments, Don banks in our number three, Nick, right? Also in the third hour. Thanks to David Yari. The Packers left tackle who joined us in the first hour of the program. So yesterday, we spent all of our time much of our time updating the goings on with the NBA trade deadline, and it ended up that a lot of teams made a lot of moves in the Eastern Conference in the west. In conference just not so much including the Los Angeles Lakers who ended up having pretty good night anyway, and we'll get to some of that in a little bit. But this is going to be a big weekend where the college game is concerned. And we welcome in Mike, the Corsi of the sporting news and the big ten network, Mike. How are you? I'm great, Mike. How are you? Good. This is really one of those fantastic weekends. I wanna get to the on the court stuff in a minute. But the CBS and the NCAA tournament committee will also release a preliminary brackets mardi you make of that. Is this is this a TV grab? Is there any is there anything to be gleaned from what we find out tomorrow when they released their initial top sixteen teams. Well, I don't think that that there's much to really invest in it. I mean a year ago. I remember at the time. Oklahoma had started its decline and subsequent to the media harangue that trae young faced as a result of his thirty nine shot performance against Oklahoma state and a circumstance in which the media still hasn't Apollo, you know, at those who in the media who were responsible still have yet to apologize for being so wrong about trae young and for damaging the rest of the season. Anyway, that that point they were ranked fourth seed in this deal a year ago and most of the bracket folks were really surprised to see them that high because they'd already started to lose games. They ended up losing like seven in a row or eight in a row something awful like that. And and at the time they got in as a in in played in eight nine game. There were a lot of people who didn't think they even should have gotten that. So it just shows you how little impact this has on the eventual bracket. I mean, if you come if it comes out tomorrow Incan zag a one seed, then you can say to yourself. Well, if they don't lose the rest of the way in the west coast conference, and they played at such a level that it doesn't seem likely it certainly possible. But if they play at that level for the rest of the year, then they probably won't lose their one. But if they aren't the one, then it says, you know, even if they, you know, the question becomes even do go undefeated the rest of the way in the west coast and win the league currnent. Do they then climb to a once there might be something like that? But for the most part, it doesn't really, you know, I it's it's just kind of a it's a hype thing basically, and it's an inter-. You know, it makes for an interesting discussion time being people love the moth brackets. And they they they love so much. They get them way way way too early. You know, I wrote a column last Friday talking about, you know, for many fans this obsession with getting comardes caused them to miss, what's. Right in front of them. And and this February starting with tomorrow's are actually already begun..

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