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And you get there. We get a taste of it like we're all in i mean we're looking at. Msg sold out all these amazing bucket list venues then all at once the entire world shuts down and it was just got to our heads a little bit man. You know if. I think everybody speak for the music industry. When when i say it's like we were all looking around like we still have a career gonna do this. You know and i i think the first couple of weeks of shell shock. I remember a lot of pacing around my yard like just pulling weeds. They've been all kinds of odd jobs. Landscaping trying to stay busy. And then i think you know after a few weeks of that like man. This is crazy opportunity that we have. There's you know blessing in the skies silver lining not being on the road for year and a half like. Let's let's make the most of it so we made an album and now here we are your and a half later like with a new album out to the fans a couple of singles that have gone up the charred gonna number one that. We've not gotten to play live a single time which is like the craziest thing because usually when you have a number one song you've got a song at the top of the charts. You're out there. Feeling it's ryan jubal energy from the fans. Sing it back to you every night but we just like the people actually know this song is somebody is is. I don't know somebody played a prank on us here. We are in rehearsals man. And it's going amazing. We're working new songs of the set. And i think you know. Speaking our artists friends begin. Everybody crew folks out there on the road. It's like the energy is high fans are ready for. It waited long enough. And i think you know i. I think it just causes us to appreciate the moments a little bit more. You know usually is rehearsal days a grueling. You know you're in there at seven. Am you're working till past seven pm's long long days but i think we're all looking around and join it a little bit more appreciate you know people the friends. We could spend the time with minutes all that much more worthwhile when we get out there and feel it onstage. Man we've got a few shows on our belts this summer. And it's like i get goosebumps even thinking about it's crazy. Yeah i mean you guys probably were like the rest of us thought all right. We're gonna shut this down for a week. Maybe two weeks of back out on the road ever could have imagined it was going to be a year and a half. What was that like to wait this long to get back on stage and sing those songs to your fans man. It was pretty crazy like dan said it was. Shell shocked at the beginning of just. What do we do now. And a lot of kind of waiting around like we heard anything just kind of you know trying to get updates from her body and then i think it kind of turned into all right. We're going to try to settle in. And i had had a baby our youngest. Anc was born two weeks before bridgestone chesney just kind of a wild thing anyway was kind of preparing myself to you know..

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