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The hour now, time for a check of sport from around the world here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Manchester United has left Christian Ronaldo off the roster for this Saturday's match versus Chelsea after the 5 time blown door winner left the bench before the final whistle in Wednesday's win over Tottenham, the source is saying that Ronaldo refused to enter the game as a substitute in the 87th minute. The 37 year old also left a friendly versus Rio villa Kano earlier this year and was reprimanded by manager Eric ten haag. It's game two of the American League championship series tonight in Houston as the Astros host of New York Yankees with Houston leading the best of 7 series one game to none. Frame rival Valdez is on the mound for the stros of the Yankees are countering with Luis severino. NFC matchup on Thursday Night Football as airs on the cardinals are hosting the New Orleans Saints, both teams are two and four in the season, the saints having lost three of their last four games while the cardinals are in the midst of a two game losing streak. New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore has asked the team for a trade due to being frustrated by a lack of targets for the first 6 games this season. The ports don't say the team has no plans to trade last year's second round pick. Good news for the Dallas Cowboys this quarterback dak Prescott will start Sunday versus the Detroit Lions after missing the past 5 weeks for the fractured thumb suffered in the season opener. Meanwhile, patriots quarterback Mac Jones is expected to be back in time for the pat's Monday Night Football matchup against the Chicago Bears. Jones does not play the past three weeks with a high ankle sprain with Brian Hoyer starting once and rookie Bailey's app starting the other two games. I'm the schwarzman that your Bloomberg will sports update. Markets, headlines, and breaking news, 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. There was an early rally in the equity market today, but it evaporated on reports of rising risk in the war in Ukraine, and then on top of that, the pressure continued with more hawkish fed speak. Now the swaps market is pricing in a peak in the fed funds rate of 5% sometime in the first half of next year currently, fed funds is in a range of between 3% to three and a quarter percent, so we've got a ways to go in terms of tightening. Today, yields across the curve moving up the ten year up ten basis points to 4.22% at the shorter end of the curve, the two year was up 5 basis points to four 61. We had to move lower in the equity market today, the Dow down three tenths of 1% S&P 500 off 8 tenths of 1% and the NASDAQ composite down 6 tenths of 1%. Big shocker after the bell, snap reported its slowest quarterly sales growth ever the company saying a decline in ad spending on the platform continues to be a drag, shares right now in late trading down 27%. So the resignation of Liz truss did some damage to the pound. It spiked earlier, we rose to a dollar 13, but then we are weakened. Now we're about buck 1233. We also had a lot of volatility in the guilt market initially a move lower in yield to three 75. We're trading around three 89 right now. And a lot of weakness in the end we are on the weak side of one 50 will take another look at markets in 15 minutes. At Baxter with a look at global news headlines, Eddie, and yeah, Douglas a UK could have a new prime minister as early as Monday Liz trusts will be the shortest term prime minister in UK history

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