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Purely did it fifty eight was something when you hear that oh he bitch hugh winnings yesterday i can't the hogwash bush wa about early the yankees downed three games to one game five in yankee stadium but surely went all the way for the win to give the anc you some hope so drilling three to go to milwaukee and the yankees have the lead in the night then he ryan during the yankee closure was on the hill he threw a pitch that who the empire was called the ball and it really angered dern who stormed off the man in front of the national tv audience give the choked son to the umpire who got thrown out of the game so who the yankees bringing bob shirley and he closed out the next day the seventh game of the world series don larsen didn't happen and the game was tied like two two three three in the third inning there were men on base every inning and so casey stangl waited no longer has a sevengame the world series what are they bring in your right bob purely and surely when all the way and the yankees scored four runs in the eighth inning to beat milwaukee in when the world championship so i was discussing this at a yankees oldtimers lay with bob purely wait till you hear his monthslong as it is just amazing if it's three games in the robe law blah blah blah blind said yeah he said then the next day we went barnstorming and i bitch ten days neuro the different era different here they obviously would built much better than the guys today and on this day to nineteen sixty seven in flint michigan james anthony abbott was born former yankee pitcher jim abbott who through the eight nohitter in.

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