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Puget sound area on your curiel then the freeways we're moving right at the legal limit north and southbound on seattle tacoma ever at the end of oh olympia we're not seeing any trouble spots there are also clear on both the floating bridges and no problems on 405 interact willow we have some construction four or five southbound on i five southcenter boulevard the off ramp to northbound i five is closed and snoqualmie pass no restrictions and no restrictions on stevens as well you're next report at two or four i might kirkland on komo news tello everybody here's the story for today we're going to start off partly sunny you were going to end with a chance of some snow yes again little difficult to pin down exactly where everyone or anyone we'll get snow but you should be aware of the potential of it as we head through the evening especially saturday on sunday we bounce back a little bit more about pistole touch but for now we're not quite finished with this frozen stuff in the komo weather center i'm steve pool both call seattle home they're both pretty darn smart otherwise she hawks dr richard sherman and all alltime jeopardy champ ken jennings which seemed to have little in common until now goma's corn hake reports on the day they met on a commercial set the outspoken defensive end and the man who won two and a half million dollars on jeopardy met in seattle to shoot him ad four fleet wit and online trivia game david matches fleet with co founder and ceo only trivia or more people can you got to other people they're trivia knowledge trivia grew ken jennings works for fleet wit and richard german well he's a fan got a phone.

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