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Well, very difficult, right? I mean, your risk is gonna have to play the game of his life. My guess is they're going to get Travis Keys. Legs involved quite a bit. That is an asset he possesses. That is tough to defend and It's now or never now, right? I mean, I'm not saying you want to get him hurt, But I'm saying you're willing to take a little bit more liberty a little bit more risk. At this point with him in that regard. The problem is their defense isn't good anymore, Lawrence. I mean, they've just been decimated by injuries in the secondary. They've got young kids that shouldn't be playing. As the nickel back. It's truly unbelievable. I was talking with some people from Chicago about this. I swear the Bears can never get their offense and defense playing well at the same time. Even when Cutler would have those good games or Josh McCown had that stretch. The defense wasn't good, but and when the defense's is awesome and killing people, then the offense really struggles, they can never get those two to marry up together. No, you're right about that, Do you? Ross? Do you think it's fair to have this game tonight between the Steelers and the Brown? It just seems there's no place to put it like you're gonna have a disadvantage to the next team. But it just seems unfair to make Cleveland play this game. Yeah. I mean, I don't have a big problem with it, Um, in the sense that You know, everybody's going under the same protocols, right? And you know the Steelers don't have Joe Hayden. They don't have their best corner. He's on the cobra this so he tested positive He's not playing so They're both missing some people they'd rather have to me. At this point. The covert thing is like injuries. I mean, it's part of it, and unless there's a risk The players being together or playing of further spread. I think they got to move forward, and I know it's not ideal for the Cleveland Browns. But think of it the other way. Can you imagine if they want me? No head coach? No, but Tonio This would be like one of the most legendary wins in Brown's history. If they were able to win anyway, and you know, Baker wants to be a part of that, That's for sure. Ross. I was checking out my front page story dot com And at first I was like, Wait is this Ross's site Because I see like marriages and stuff, and I was like, Oh, he's he's helping people out. So what What made you put my front page story dot com together. Yes. So it's a buddy of mine who had the idea and I'm just kind of helping him spread the word, But it is the single best gift idea that I'm aware of. And look, Valentine's Day's gonna be here before you know it, fellas for the people that are listening. Two things What is to be able to say to your wife? Or your girlfriend or whatever. I had a story written about you. That's pretty much the coolest thing you can say to something when you're giving him against like they'll be like what? You have a story written about me. Yeah, I had the story written about you, and then when they see it It looks Lawrence like it's on the cover of the newspaper. It's framed. It's beautiful. And when they read the quotes when your wife reads the quote from you saying, I just don't tell you enough how much I appreciate everything she does for the family..

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